Janitor & Hygiene Services

Our experienced team of cleaning professionals help clients deliver a high standard of hygiene throughout the washrooms on their premises. We can maintain the stock levels on a wide range of janitorial, washroom and hygiene products and services, all of which are carefully sourced from suppliers that produce the best kit in their respective field. We only work closely with suppliers who ensure their brand is always in line with Regional’s own values and beliefs – including an eco-friendly ethos backed up with premium quality.This means you’ll never have to worry about the products we’re delivering to your office not meeting high standards. You can can full faith in our janitor services.

Why do I need a janitor?

First impressions matter, and without a well maintained, clean washroom you could quickly make the wrong impression on visitors, clients and employees. Many business owners underestimate the time it takes to order in hygiene products, stock up on cleaning materials and keep washrooms looking presentable all day. By choosing an add-on janitor and hygiene service, clients can ensure their business premises runs effectively. We can also make sure you remain compliant with health and safety obligations by providing a safe and clean environment for staff.As always, we take the hassle away from you as we deliver to site, service all the equipment at the required frequencies and then carefully monitor and maintain the washrooms to ensure everything works at its optimum capability. Our hygiene services include:
  • Feminine hygiene units – sourced, supplied and regular waste disposal
  • Vending machines – installed, maintained and re-supply of stock
  • Air freshening systems – a range of options to keep washrooms smelling fresh
  • Toilet seat sanitizers – for increased hygiene and to prevent the spread of germs
  • Urinal auto-sanitizers – to keep urinals looking and smelling presentable
  • Washroom consumables – soaps, paper products and cleaning materials stocked up as required.
All of our janitorial staff are trained in-house and we carry out regular quality monitoring to ensure a consistent five star service. We are also proud to follow our environmental commitment as we recognise our responsibility to look after our planet today and in the future. Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly products and promote green ways of working both in the office and at our clients’ premises.

Other Services

At Regional Services we offer a wide range of add-on services for our regular clients, to improve the running of their business. We’re so much more than a cleaning company – we have all the extra staff you require to complete handyman jobs, garden maintenance, pest control and alarm response. Our team of qualified contractors are waiting to assist you with those odd jobs you need doing when you have nobody in-house to complete them.

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