Winter Maintenance Issues to Look Out For

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Winter Maintenance Issues to Look Out For

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The type of maintenance issues you face in cold weather will depend on the type and style of building your business is within. There are many different types of commercial premises in London, and you’ll also have different responsibilities if you rent your office or own it. While we’re lucky enough in the UK not to have the extreme temperatures of other parts of the world, bad weather conditions can still cause a business interruption without adequate planning.

Storms, freezing temperatures and strong winds can all cause problems for buildings. Snowfall and ice needs to be properly taken care of, as this can also become a health and safety problem around the premises. As temperatures continue to drop throughout January and February, business owners need to be prepared for the worst in order to avoid a disaster. Take a look at some of the most common maintenance issues faced in winter.

Roof issues

After long periods of wet weather or snowfall, roofs come under increased pressure and are likely to fail in some way. Areas of flat roofing is more likely to cause problems, as standing water or heavy snow can cause cracks to form, making way for leaks. If you ever spot a leak in the roof, it’s essential to get it checked straight away. Protect yourself throughout the winter by asking a maintenance professional to regularly check the roof for any issues.

Faulty heating systems

Gas and electric heating systems are not fail proof, and if there is a problem with your boiler then the office could become too cold for staff to work in. While a heating fault isn’t a maintenance disaster, and is usually fixed in a day, you could end up losing a lot of working hours because the working conditions don’t meet minimum temperatures.

Freezing cold temperatures can lead to a breakdown, so always make sure you are insured for such events. Prevent freezing pipes by leaving the heating on low even when the building is unoccupied during a cold snap.

Plumbing and pipe problems

A frozen or burst pipe can be very expensive to repair and can cause a lot of damage, yet prevention is cheap. Make sure all pipes are insulated to protect them from the freezing weather. Any small leaks should also be addressed as soon as possible, before they become bigger problems. Having a trusted plumber on hand will put your mind at ease.

Especially in winter, it pays to have a trusted local maintenance contractor who you can trust to provide help in a hurry!

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