What do you really know about The best cleaning products you need to try out this year?

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What do you really know about The best cleaning products you need to try out this year?

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What do you really know about the best cleaning products you need to try out this year?

Cleaning can be overwhelming. In order to keep your property looking its best, you need to clean the counters, the floors, the mirrors, the bathrooms, and everything in between. Unfortunately, not all cleaning products are created equally. Knowing what cleaning products you should be reaching for will make a big difference in the overall appearance (and smell) of your business.

Method Multi-Surface Cleaner

One of the best things about the Method cleaner is that you can use it on a number of different surfaces, ranging from granite countertops to leather office chairs. It’s also fully eco-friendly, with a biodegradable, non-toxic formula. It allows you to use it all over your office, whether it’s the break room or individual cubicles. A clean, fresh scent of watermelon is left behind, too.

ECOS Furniture Polish

In areas where you entertain customers or clients, you want to make sure everything looks great. This product is eco and cruelty-free. It’s great for polishing chairs and tables, sideboards, and anything else that’s wooden or wood-like. It can be used on particle board and formica. When you need something to polish up display counters and shelving, this can easily be used. It uses sustainable ingredients and is non-toxic. It’s safe enough to use when there are children or pets around, so regardless of your industry, it can be introduced to your cleaning arsenal.

Windolene Emulsion Original Cream

It’s important to keep your windows looking great from the inside and the outside. Many companies forget about this part of their cleaning chores – and it shows. Dirty windows can give customers the impression that you don’t care. You may also not be getting the amount of sunlight shining into your office that you should because of all of the built up dirt. The pink colour makes it easy to see where you have cleaned and where you haven’t. It’s easy to work with. All you need is a cloth to wipe the cream off with. It leaves behind sparkling glass with no streaks.

1001 Carpet Fresh

You should look at giving all of the carpeting in your offices a refresher periodically. Particularly when you have a lot of foot traffic coming through, your carpets can soak up a lot of different odours. 1001 Carpet Fresh is a fast-drying freshener that can be used on carpet, rugs, and various types of upholstery. It comes out as a light layer of foam. You won’t have to clean up – just leave the doors and windows open for a little bit to ensure that there’s plenty of ventilation. It comes in a few different fragrances, so you can choose the one that you like the best.

Minky M-Cloth Dual-Sided Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad

You should always have a cleaning pad that you can rely on, particularly one that is anti-bacterial. You can use it alongside of a cleaning product to help wipe down kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, and so much more. The best part about this product is that it’s machine-washable. This ensures that you can use it over and over again without having to spend money on another one.

It all comes down to making sure that you have the right products to get the job done. There’s no one product that will do everything. Of course, the other solution is to hire a professional company that will do all of the cleaning for you. This ensures that the cleaning is done with all of the right products (and the best techniques).

When you want to have routine cleaning done for you, reach out to us at Regional Services. We’re happy to provide a quote for commercial cleaning around London.

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Regional Services

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