What an Office Cleaning Job Actually Involves

how a office cleaning job actually is

What an Office Cleaning Job Actually Involves

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There are many preconceptions about what an office cleaning job actually involves and the people who undertake them – not all of which are on the money. While it’s true that commercial cleaning is a difficult and time-consuming task that often demands unsociable hours, it’s also an essential element of any successful office space that can prove to be a fulfilling and rewarding vocation.

If you’re thinking about starting a new career as a commercial office cleaner, here are some insights into what you can expect from the role.

Job satisfaction

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction gained from a job well done. The list of chores involved in a typical office job (washing windows, dusting tabletops, mopping floors, cleaning toilets, topping up towels and hand soaps, vacuum cleaning carpets, wiping light switches, polishing door handles… the list goes on) might be a lengthy one, but leaving an office spotless induces a particular kind of gratification that you simply don’t find in many other jobs.

Mental wellbeing

Ever heard the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind”? Well, this old adage is even more relevant on a larger scale such as that found in an office workplace. Scientific studies have shown that those living or working in a cleaner environment enjoy reduced stress levels and are less likely to suffer from depression… so believe it or not, a career as a cleaner could actually be conducive to your physical and mental health.

Not just a cog in a machine

The importance of good site staff cannot be overstated; a competent team of cleaners is far more than just a cog in a machine.Simply put, there would be no machine to speak of if it weren’t for the cleaning contingent! Office workers and their bosses could not and would not work in a dirty environment, so by carrying out your duties and keeping the workspace clean and tidy, you’re improving not only your own health and productivity, but that of countless others, as well.

All for one…

Given the size of many offices and the high number of people who pass through their environs every day, there is generally a hefty workload to undertake. This means that more often than not, a team of cleaners are required to service the average workspace, which means you’ll have the chance to form part of a dedicated, professional outfit and forge long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your co-workers.

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