The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

Office Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

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Keeping the office space clean and tidy isn’t just important for cleanliness – it can also give a better impression of your business to visitors, and even improve staff productivity. From the reception area to the lavatories, it is vital that communal areas are kept spotless, to promote a healthy work environment for employees and guests at the office. Our cleaning services experts have put together the ultimate office cleaning checklist, so you can be sure that nothing is forgotten in your daily or weekly routine. Alternatively, trust our professional team to come and clean your workspace so you can rest assured knowing every area will be cleaned to the highest standards.



A clean workspace is imperative for concentration and productivity. While cleaners can’t really arrange paperwork on a desk, they can make sure that computer screens and keyboards are dusted and sanitised, and the floor area around desks is hoovered or mopped.


Many offices have a lot of glass, including large windows and doors which need cleaning with a premium glass cleaner regularly. This will prevent sticky marks and smears, and also stop germs spreading on door handles. Large windows require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking their best.


Floors should be cleaned at the end of every day, possibly more than once a day if there are spillages. If you have carpet in the office then this needs to be hoovered to remove any debris. Hard flooring or tiles should also be mopped with a disinfectant, especially in high traffic areas such as corridors, entrances and bathrooms.


All waste bins should be emptied at the end of every day, cleaned if needed and then replaced with a fresh bin liner. This is essential for keeping pests at bay and preventing unpleasant smells in the work area.


If the office has a kitchen or a break area, keeping it hygienic is essential. Sometimes workers are too busy to wash up their pots from lunch or meetings, which means it needs a thorough clean at the end of each day. All surfaces should also be sanitised, and sinks cleaned out and wiped down.


Clean bathrooms are a must for a comfortable office space. All toilets should be thoroughly cleaned, as well as wash basins and countertops. Soap and paper towels needs checking and refilling daily depending on how many members of staff you have. Cubicle doors and walls also require wiping down, and the floor needs to be mopped with disinfectant. Remember that extra special touches go a long way in the bathroom, such as hand cream and tissues.


Happy cleaning!

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