How to Transform your Office into an Eco Workspace

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How to Transform your Office into an Eco Workspace

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Most businesses are taking steps to cut their carbon footprint and run a more eco workspace. Going green not only helps to cut costs, but it also appeals to consumers, therefore boosting business reputation. Additionally, UK businesses have a legal responsibility for the continuous impact they have on the environment. Being more sustainable and environmentally minded in business is a growing trend, so with this in mind, read on for our advice on creating an eco-friendly workspace.

Write an environmental policy

The best place to start is with a top down strategy. Write down what the business wishes to achieve, and how it is possible. The full policy should be available for shareholders, managers, staff members and customers to view. Think  how the plan can encompass the entire business, from waste management to the products the company buys in.

Turn it off!

Many companies leave lights on overnight – this wastes energy as well as needlessly increasing electricity bills. Implement a company policy which states that all equipment should be turned off when leaving the building, including lights and computers. Encourage this by putting posters near switches to remind staff to turn everything off.

Invest in green stationery

Take a look at what you buy for the office, and ask if there is an eco-friendly option. There are now many green stationery companies which supply recycled paper, folders, office supplies and eco ink cartridges. Make a firm commitment to going green by choosing these sustainable options.

Start a recycling campaign

Even if you have recycling bins in the office, chances are that staff aren’t recycling half as much as they could. Make sure there is a food waste bin in the staff kitchen, and other paper and plastic bins are positioned in the most effective places. For example, a paper bin should be placed near printers – if it’s at the other side of the room people can’t be bothered walking!

Install LED bulbs

If you aren’t already using LED bulbs in all of the light fittings, then there are serious savings to be made. These bulbs last longer, are cheaper to run and don’t compromise on light output. Go one step further by using sensors in rooms which aren’t used all day – for example the toilets or meeting rooms. This will also help to reduce energy bills as well as the company’s carbon footprint.

Ready to go green? These pointers will help get you started.

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