Top Requirements for a London Office

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Top Requirements for a London Office

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Thinking of expanding your company and opening a London office? Or perhaps you’re launching your business in the capital as part of ‘Startup Britain’ and need an office space to get going. Either way, companies of all sizes looking for commercial space in London need to make sure they are getting good value for money. You’ll need to compare rates for serviced office buildings or work out whether you’d be better off in your own space, hiring mobile service providers.

There’s a lot to consider so it’s important not to rush into any commitments – especially if you’re a new business as the future is uncertain. Here’s some requirements you’ll need to think through before renting or buying a London office.


Never underestimate the location of your office, even if you don’t expect many clients to come through the doors. Primarily the location will dictate the cost of the space, but it also says a lot about your company. It’s also beneficial to launch an office nearby to a range of transport links, so your staff can get to work on time in the busy capital. Also check out what’s nearby – are there plenty of options for lunch, gyms for staff to work out after a hard day?

IT Requirements

Your next priority is making sure the space can accommodate your IT needs. How much space will you need for server rooms, will the current network be able to host all of your PCs and do you need to invest in more data capacity? If you don’t have an in-house IT technician you’ll probably want to seek out an IT services provider in the area.


Ideally you don’t want to have to allocate a lot of money to redesigning the office, so try and choose a space which is already a good fit for your company. Is it fit for purpose, does it already have good bathrooms and an adequate kitchen area? Think about the vibe you want to create and what you might have to change.

Office Services

A working office doesn’t last long unless it is professionally serviced. Commercial buildings require regular commercial cleaning and maintenance, and from time to time you may require other services such as pest control and waste disposal. These services are provided by industry professionals, and you don’t always have to commit to a contract, so it is often a cost effective option.

Good luck setting up in London!

Regional Services

Regional Services

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