Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Beauty Salon or Spa Professionally Cleaned

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Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Beauty Salon or Spa Professionally Cleaned

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The Importance of a Clean Salon of Spa

Whenever you think of the key distinctions between a good or terrible salon visit, among the first issues that spring to mind is cleanliness. While you surely understand the value of cleanliness, it may be tough to keep between meeting customers, managing personnel, and the other day-to-day chores of operating your salon or spa. However, the value of a clean salon or spa is crucial to your clients’ experience and your company overall. Without further ado, the following are the top three reasons for having your salon or spa professionally cleaned:


1. Enhance Customer Experience

A clean salon or spa is the norm, not the exception, in business. Clients are growing more conscious of the significance of cleanliness standards and it’s even becoming regular practice in certain salons and spas to clean or open new tools in front of clients to demonstrate that everything is sanitary.

Eventually, when your customers visit you, they come for an experience. It’s very hard to create a nice experience, though, if the workstations are unclean and your customer is wondering when the last time someone cleaned was.

Cleanliness is one of the first things customers will notice (and something they won’t forget). If it’s done well, a clean salon or spa provides an atmosphere that enables your customers to enjoy the finest experience possible.


2. Protect Safety & Hygiene

Depending on the legislation in your location, a sanitary salon or spa may actually be needed by law. Regulations are getting harsher in this sector, fueled by consumer demand for clean salon and spa services.

Regardless of the restrictions in your location, keeping sanitation in your salon or spa is crucial for both client and staff safety. Even something as basic as cleaning the floors may have a safety impact. Not only are hair trimmings on the floor unpleasant, but they may also represent a sliding danger to both customers and your personnel.


3. Avoid Cross-Contamination

Eliminating cross-pollution is something which your stylists or technologists should do every day. They should sterilize their instruments between each client to avoid the transfer of germs, bacteria, and illness from one customer to the next.
Thorough maintenance helps avoid the growth of ailments like athlete’s foot, pinworms, lice, and more harmful diseases like hepatitis. Regardless of how vigilant your staff are, however, a clean instrument will become contaminated instantaneously if it comes into contact with an unclean surface.

That’s where a professional cleaning service can assist. Together with the cleaning protocols in place at your salon or spa, expert cleaners can guarantee that no surfaces are overlooked and that your customers have the finest service possible.

Especially today, with the threat of viruses, like COVID-19, having a good decontamination done in any salon or spa is highly vital. We strongly advocate employing an electrostatic sprayer to fully cleanse your company. Here is a fast one and a half minute clip of how it works.


Basic Steps for a Clean Salon or Spa

There are cleaning activities which need to be done by each customer and duties that are better left to the specialists. Basic cleaning duties that should be done every day between clients include:

  • Cleaning surfaces (chairs, desktops, etc) (chairs, workstations, etc.)
  • Sanitizing tools
  • Sweeping hair trims, nail trimmings, etc.
  • Changing towels, pillow coverings, etc
  • .Reducing clutter from worktops and workstations
  • Mopping damp patches from rain or snow

In conjunction to these everyday cleaning duties, your salon or spa should have a periodically planned thorough cleaning. How frequently this has to be done will depend on how many customers you visit and how much cleaning you and your employees are prepared to undertake.

If you have public restrooms onsite, for instance, and cleaning them isn’t a work that your crew is prepared to handle, you should have a cleaning company visit once a day. If you and your team are willing to perform additional cleaning, you may have cleaning companies come once a week for a thorough cleanup. At the absolute least, you should have specialists come conduct a thorough clean once each month.


More reasons to engage a professional cleaning company

There are quite a few benefits to getting a contractor cleaning service for a thorough cleaning. Cleaners are skilled in how to effectively clean salon and spa gear and they may be booked to clean after-hours. That implies you don’t have to ask workers to remain late or shut your company to clean when you might be receiving customers. A professional cleaning will entail cleaning items like:

  • Walls/Retail shelves/displays
  • Floors (vacuuming and mopping) (vacuuming and mopping)
  • Washrooms
  • Tubs, bathing places
  • Saunas
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