Top 10 Cleaning Products for Christmas 2020: Sometimes Practical Gifts are the Most Appreciated

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Top 10 Cleaning Products for Christmas 2020: Sometimes Practical Gifts are the Most Appreciated

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When you begin to create your list for holiday giving, you probably don’t think of cleaning supplies or equipment. True, we don’t conjure thoughts of excitement or glamour when we think of purchasing cleaning supplies. But, especially in the time of a global pandemic, practical gifts continue to grow in popularity.

Many people continue to recover or struggle economically from reduced hours or job loss. Additionally, most of us find ourselves spending a lot more time at home. Our physical and mental wellbeing requires us to make our surroundings as pleasant and healthy as possible.


Best Candidates for cleaning supplies:


When considering the likely candidate to receive a cleaning supply gift, the person who has everything may very well fall into that category. But, more people than you think may appreciate a present that will help them keep their abode up to their cleanliness standards:

  • Single people just starting on their own
  • Seniors who may need equipment to help with mobility issues
  • Environmentalist whose budgets may not fall in line with environmentally friendly cleaners
  • People getting married- When packaged creatively, cleaning supplies make a great wedding shower gift.


Ten terrific cleaning gift ideas:


With all the products out there, one could easily create a list of 100 ideas of cleaning products below. The list below gives options for just about anyone on your list.


Those circular machines that go from room to room picking up refuse don’t just belong to geeks and wealthy individuals any longer. Though they may not possess the sucking function of an upright vacuum, their efficiency continues to improve, as does the price. Plenty of choices exist, but the Roomba 960 continues to represent a safe bet, as does the Eufy Robo. It may represent one of the more expensive options on your gift list as the pricing starts at about 150 pounds and goes up from there. But the gift of Robo vacuum may well improve the life of a senior with mobility issues, a busy professional, or a stay at home mom dealing with a Cheerio tossing toddler.

  • Swiffer floor cleaning systems

Allowing someone to throw away their heavy cloth mop and its drudgery may represent one of the best gifts ever! The Swiffer system works with disposable or washable pads and comes with a design much more comfortable to manoeuvre than a traditional mop. Best of all, a Swiffer does a better job of cleaning, and you don’t need a bucket.

  • Swiffer duster with extension

Does your Aunt Ruth still cuts up old sheets for rags and stand on a stool to dust the top of her refrigerator? A gift of a Swiffer Duster with an extension will improve her life significantly. This dusting system with a handle and disposable duster.

  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Okay, it seems we’ve hit rock bottom when it comes to unglamorous gifts, but this toilet bowl cleaning method works much better than a toilet brush and separate cleaner, and it takes much of the struggle out of this necessary chore,

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners

Plenty of great, environmentally safe products exists in today’s marketplace. These eco-friendly products often come with a hefty price tag, but many DIY ideas also exist online to create and package your own products.

  • Laundry supplies

Who doesn’t need laundry supplies? Depending on the recipient, you may gear this gift toward the environmentally-conscious or go more for the value route.

  • A chargeable handheld vacuum

Grabbing a cordless vacuum to clean up sudden messes makes a great gift, especially for parents of human children or fur babies.

A healthy twenty-year-old may find the chore of scrubbing the tub or shower tiles back-breaking. Cleaning tile and other surfaces in the bathroom doesn’t get more comfortable with age. Once again, the extension rod comes to the rescue to save time and body aches.

  • Sustainable sponges

The environmentalist on your list may already know the problems plastic sponges cause. Not only do we subject ourselves to chemicals when using them, but they also don’t break down, and the microplastics eventually end up swallowed by sea creatures. Fossil fuels go into making these inexpensive sponges costing the environment plenty. Some terrific alternatives include:

  • Hemp
  • Eco Coconut scourer
  • Bamboo


  • Mr. Erase sponges

Mr. Erase sponges work miracles on stuck-on messes and hard to clean marks and scuffs on walls.

Even though it represents a thoughtful gift, a gift of cleaning supplies or equipment may seem a bit boring. Try creating basket themed gifts such as a basket filled with laundry supplies. Plenty of ideas exist online to present these gifts in a fun, creative way.

For more information on giving cleaning products for the holidays, contact us here.

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