Tips for Office Carpet Cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Office Carpet Cleaning

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Tips for Office Carpet Cleaning

For many office managers, keeping their office’s carpets clean is not their top priority, and it is often one of the first things to get neglected. However, properly caring for your carpeting is critical in order to help reduce allergens in your office and extend the life of your flooring. Carpet care is a critical part of office maintenance that will help to ensure that you are creating a safe working space for your employees. However, many business owners and office managers wonder what steps they should be taking to keep their carpets clean. Here are a few steps you can take to keep your carpets clean year-round.


While it may seem obvious, one of the most important things that you can do to keep your office’s carpets clean is to vacuum them regularly. Not only does vacuuming help to remove dirt, dust, and allergens, but regular vacuuming is also critical in helping to preserve your carpet. When carpets are not vacuumed frequently enough, dirt and grime will build up in your carpet and will be ground further into your carpet by foot traffic. These particles act like sandpaper and will begin to slowly grind away at the carpet’s fibers, causing premature wear and tear. This may lead you to wonder how often your carpets need vacuuming. For high traffic areas, your carpets will need to be vacuumed daily, and less traveled sections should be vacuumed at least twice a week. Replacing your vacuum bags regularly, and investing in a high-quality vacuum, can also go a long way in helping to keep your carpets clean.

Don’t Wait to Treat Stains

One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding their office carpeting is to ignore spots that appear. The fact is that office managers are busier than ever, and it can be difficult to find time to clean spots as they appear. For this reason, many managers wait until many spots appear to perform spot cleaning. However, waiting to clean spots is a mistake for several reasons. Waiting to treat spots will allow the spot to set, which can make it more difficult to clean and will increase the chances of it turning into a permanent stain. Additionally, if you wait until more stains appear to clean your carpets, this will cause your carpeting to look dingy, which can negatively impact the way customers perceive your business. While treating spots as they appear will take a little more care and diligence, it will help to keep your carpets looking fresh longer. Make sure to clean spots with a quality spot cleaner, and let the cleaner sit for the time indicated on the bottle in order to ensure effectiveness.   

Blot, Don’t Rub

In order to keep your carpets clean, it is also important that you address spills properly when they occur in order to prevent staining. One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning up spills in carpeting is to rub the spill. However, doing so will only push the spill further into the carpet, making it more difficult to clean. Instead, you should gently blot the area from the outside in with an absorbent cloth, and switch out the cloth frequently as it picks up the spill. Applying pressure to the spill with an absorbent cloth is the best way to remove much of the spill. You should then follow this up with immediate spot cleaning to prevent staining.   

Consider Enlisting Professional Help

While taking the above steps can help with the day-to-day maintenance of the carpeting in your office, professional carpet cleaning is critical in order to ensure your carpets look pristine and do not cause health problems for your employees. Contact us to find out how a professional carpet cleaning company can help you to design a cleaning plan that can add extra years to your carpet’s life.

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