Tips For Cleaning Your Office Kitchen

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Tips For Cleaning Your Office Kitchen

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Tips For Cleaning Your Office Kitchen

Having a kitchen in your office makes good sense. As long as it’s kept sanitary and tidy, an office kitchen provides the perfect place for co-workers to grab a cup of tea or prepare a tasty lunch. Of course, your office kitchen will stay neater if everyone who uses it pitches in. Once in a while, however, your eating and food storage space will require more attention. To that end, we are pleased to present a few top tips for cleaning your office kitchen.

A place for everything

Even a small office kitchen can perform beautifully if you take care to keep it organized. As you set up your office kitchen, apply labels to cabinet shelves and drawers to inform co-workers. Dedicate a shelf to teacups and coffee mugs and label it so. Do the same with the drawer in which spoons, forks, and cutlery are kept. After you use an item, wash it, dry it, and return it to its place. Non-perishable snack foods that are meant to be shared may be stashed in a cabinet. The milk should be returned to a refrigerator as soon as it’s used.

Close the cabinets

Close drawers and cabinet doors as soon as you’re done using them. Open drawers and doors are not only unsightly, but they also invite dust and grime to sully your space. This one simple tip will help your kitchen looks it best between deep cleanings.

Don’t procrastinate

When the inevitable spill occurs, wipe it up without delay. Keep a supply of paper towels and a neutral-smelling spray cleaner on hand expressly for this purpose, recommend the makers of Sparkle paper towels. When the rubbish bin is half full, dump it into the proper receptacle, or ask your maintenance department to take it out for you. When supplies are running low, tell a supervisor who can order replacements.

Kitchen etiquette

Not only do good manners make for a happier workplace, but proper kitchen etiquette also goes a long way toward keeping a shared kitchen clean. Only bring what you intend to eat in a day, and take your leftovers home after work. If you do bring more food than you can eat in a day, be sure to use it or remove it before it goes bad. Label your own lunch (or whatever else you stash in the fridge) and respect your co-workers’ labels. If you notice an unlabeled item in the refrigerator, do not assume that it is up for grabs. Ask permission before taking a bite of anything that’s not yours.

Clean up after yourself every time, and pitch in to help clean your office kitchen after a company party. Don’t put super-smelly food in a shared fridge. You wouldn’t want your yogurt to smell of fish, and neither do the people with whom you share an office kitchen, explains The Spruce. Posting a friendly list of kitchen rules where it can be seen by everyone is another great way to ensure your office kitchen stays sanitary and enjoyable.

Each of the aforementioned tips will help you maintain a certain level of cleanliness, but there may come a time when you require a bit of help cleaning your office kitchen. Don’t worry. Regional Services can send a courteous team of cleaning professionals who will make your London office kitchen sparkle again. If pests are a problem, Regional Services can address that issue, as well.

When you are ready to know more about ways to clean your office kitchen, or if you’d like to invite us to clean for you, please contact us without delay.

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Regional Services

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