Tips for Commercial Garden Maintenance

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Tips for Commercial Garden Maintenance

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Maintaining commercial grounds and gardens is really important at this time of year, as the British public love spending time outside whenever they can. When the sun is actually shining, it’s time to take advantage and eat lunch on the bench outside or have a lie down on the grass between lectures or meetings. Nevertheless, unless your outside spaces look inviting then staff and guests may prefer to stay inside.

Looking after your gardens is just as important as looking after your building. After all, the external grounds are probably the first thing people see when visiting your premises. If you’d like to make sure your commercial gardens and grounds are in prime condition this summer, then you should follow these expert tips.

1. Jet washing

Perhaps you don’t have much green space or you have a large patio area with seating. Making your flagstones or the path look presentable can be tricky, especially when it has a high footfall. A regular jet washing is absolutely essential to keep your external flooring clean and welcoming. It helps remove months’ worth of grime along with other unavoidable stains such as bird poop and chewing gum.

2. Take care of your hedges

handyman working in the gardenIf you have any hedges in your grounds, then you don’t want them getting out of control. A neatly pruned hedge sometimes goes unnoticed, but an uncut dishevelled hedge certainly draws the eye and gives the wrong impression to guests. Hire a gardener or grounds maintenance company to trim and prune the hedges once a month.

3. Make it colourful

Even if you have a small paved garden area, it’s always surprising what an impact colourful blooms can have. Bedding plants and flowering shrubs can really improve a commercial outdoor space, with little investment. Fill up patio pots and create beautiful hanging baskets to draw in the crowds.

4. Tackle weeds

lawnmower cutting the grassWeeding is a constant job, especially through the summer months. Weeds threaten to undo all your good work in the garden, by taking over what you’ve planted and springing up between flags. Although it’s time consuming, tackling weeds in all of your outdoor spaces will keep the gardens looking as they should.

If you’re committed to improving your commercial gardens but don’t have the time or expertise, then you need a gardener or garden maintenance service. If your grounds are quite small and you don’t require daily tending to, then a commercial garden maintenance company is the best option, as they will visit when required.

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