The Three Big Reasons You Need a Clean and Healthy Office and How to Make them Happen

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The Three Big Reasons You Need a Clean and Healthy Office and How to Make them Happen

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The Three Big Reasons You Need a Clean and Healthy Office and How to Make them Happen


With the possible exception of our homes, many of us spend more time at our places of employment than anywhere else on Earth.

It makes sense that a safe, comfortable and pleasant workplace represents a mandatory part of enjoying our lives.

We think of work as the place we earn a living and provide food, shelter, education, and entertainment for ourselves and our families. But, we also socialize and interact with others at the workplace.

Relating to others in general and particularly at work makes up a crucial part of our week for our financial and mental health, but it also represents a breeding ground for germs and illness. It makes sense to avoid germs and subsequent illnesses as much as possible.


Why a clean office is so important:


If ten people work in an office, no doubt they represent ten different standards of neatness and cleanliness in their individual homes. But when we spend time in a shared office or work space we need to take into consideration that everyone brings different germs and bacteria from their homes, family members, and even pets. Different people, of course, possess different levels of tolerance and sensitivity when it comes to say, catching a common cold, and how that simple illness will impact their overall health.

The benefits of maintaining a clean and healthy office include:

  1. Preventing illness and thereby reducing absenteeism. In an office  setting bacteria spreads quickly and often. We all carry germs, bacteria, and viruses around with us in our hair, earwax, and bodily secretions such as sweat. Our personal items as well as the public places and equipment all possess the capability of exuding filth.
  2. Boosting morale comes with an environment which looks and smells nice. It also helps when your teammate behind you doesn’t constantly cough or sneeze. And, of course most people would rather use their earned time off for a holiday rather than a sick day.
  3. Improving productivity and the quality of work occurs more often in a clean and well-kept office. Many individuals find dirt and clutter stressful and distracting.


Best practices for a clean office:


Whether you hold a clerical position, or possess an authoritarian title, individual and team practices exist which may make your work environment healthier and happier:

  • Hand washing may represent the foundation of avoiding airborne illness. Of course, you must use soap and warm to hot water to ensure effectiveness. Washing your hands should always take place before and after you eat and after you sneeze and blow your nose.
  • Avoid touching face especially of you have a cold or anyone in your area exhibits signs of illness. Viruses travel through our nose, eyes, and mouth very quickly.
  • Keep headsets and phones clean and don’t share them if possible. Offices in which different people use the same headset or phone sets the stage for a domino effect when it comes to absenteeism.
  • Keep keyboards and desk surfaces including your mouse clean and sanitized. Many of us work, eat, and drink at our desk for hours every day. All items at our work stations gather dust, germs, and bacteria, but especially our keyboards collect dead skin, sweat, food particles and more.
  • Reduce clutter wherever possible. Clutter attracts dirt, dust, and you guessed it, more germs. Personalizing your workspace helps you feel at home throughout the day, but keeping the decorative elements to a minimum will increase your inspiration and productivity.
  • Keep a plant or two at your desk. Unless you overdo it, displaying a plant at your desk doesn’t fall under the clutter category. Plants represent an important part of a healthy office for the following reasons:
    • The presence of plants reduces stress and therefore reduces illness.
    • Plants clean the air and filter out toxins and carcinogens.
    • Plants make the environment more pleasant and welcoming to clients and customers.
    • Plants help to boost creativity.
  • Keep tissues and hand sanitizer nearby for the unexpected sneeze or cough.
  • And, as unkind as it may sound, try to keep your distance from your sick workmate. Perhaps drop a cup of chicken soup or plant at their desk, but postpone the lunch or beer after work for when they feel better.
  • Everyone, especially those with added authority should pay attention to the cleanliness of the common areas in the office. These shared areas and equipment include:
    • Restrooms
    • Printers and copiers
    • Water coolers
    • The break room fridge
    • The break room water cooler
  • Additionally, adorning the common areas of the office with plants doesn’t hurt either. In fact, offices with plants boast their employees enjoy a 15% higher rate of well-being and a six percent increased rate of productivity.

Using a professional cleaning service:


So, the individual worker and the managerial staff may control their individual area and some common area, but those steps alone don’t ensure an adequately clean and healthy environment. Tasks requiring professional cleaners such as cleaning floors, vacuuming, scouring restrooms, and other deep cleaning projects still exist.

At Regional Services we strive to offer superior cleaning services so you may concentrate on your business and its purpose. We offer the following features to help make your workplace happy, healthy, and productive:

  • We offer both periodic and regular service. We accommodate those who need daily service, a thorough cleaning once or twice a year and everything in between.
  • We offer emergency cleaning services.
  • We know flexible scheduling plays an important part in today’s business world. Not everyone works 9-5, so we adapt our service to fit the needs of your company.
  • We work with clients in a variety of industries and for companies of all sizes.
  • We use environmentally and safe ingredient in our products. We know you care about the environment. We help you reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring our products are environmentally safe.

And when it comes to keeping your employees healthy and productive, we know it doesn’t make sense to replace dirt and grime with toxic and dangerous chemicals. You want a clean and safe work environment.

Check and see what a difference a clean and healthy environment may do for not only the success and financial well-being of your company but also the happiness and health of its employees. For more information on keeping your office clean contact us here.

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Regional Services

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