The Importance of Pest Control in Your Daycare Facility

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The Importance of Pest Control in Your Daycare Facility

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If you are managing a daycare, then you should be doing as much as you can to ensure the health and wellbeing of all the kids under your supervision. Pests present a huge problem for daycare facilities. They can be a nuisance, posing all kinds of health risks to not only the children in your facility but also the staff.

The best way to protect your place from invasive animals and insects is to use a pest management program. This article elaborates on everything about pest control that will ensure a pest-free environment ideal for kids.

What Risks do Preschool Children Face from Pests?

Ants, rats, fleas and other pests can wreak havoc in a daycare facility. Here are some risks associated with pests in a daycare centre:

  • Rats, mice, and other rodents carry bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing organisms. Besides contaminating the food supply with their pathogens, their bites are also dangerous to kids.
  • Cockroaches carry dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli that can be detrimental to the weak immune system of most preschoolers.
  • Termites weaken structures made of wood, increasing the risks of injuries to kids in case these structures fall.
  • Bites from pests such as ants, bedbugs, spiders, fleas and wasps are painful and can cause allergic reactions to children.

Integrated Pest Management Principles

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a way of controlling pests suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency. IPM emphasizes the use of holistic pest control methods instead of relying on commercial pesticides. This method aims to protect the surrounding environment from the negative effects of using excessive biopesticides.

IPM also focuses on reducing the cost of pest control by finding the root cause of pests and putting up measures to prevent them. Some tactics used in this approach include:

  • Inspecting all supplies entering the daycare facility for pests.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen cabinets and counters.
  • Cleaning facilities regularly and clearing all possible hiding places for bugs.
  • Wrapping and sealing all food supplies carefully.
  • Sealing cracks and openings that serve as hiding places for most pests.

Maintaining Good Records on Pest Management Activities

Updated records are an integral part of pest control. A perfectly documented pest management program is proof that you are following the IPM program by identifying the major causes of pests and using the right methods to control them. Complete pest management data for each structure should be kept in the office of the daycare facility manager or the IPM coordinator.

By keeping accurate pest management records, you will be able to determine if you are meeting your pest control objectives.  Updated records also guide your decision making when ordering pest control supplies. Most important, documentation enables you to respond precisely to external auditors regarding your pest control methods and their effects.

Hiring Reputable Pest Control Services

When pest management gets out of hand in your daycare centre, it might be worth hiring a reputable pest control company. Here are the benefits of relying on a pest control company to take over your pest management burden:

  1. Safety. Some pesticides contain harmful chemicals that can cause health complications if inhaled. Unlike you, professional pest controllers have appropriate gear that protects them from these chemicals.
  2. Training. Pest companies rely on professionals to execute their services. These professionals know the right measures to take for any risk associated with pests.
  3. Save Time. Pest control companies take over the workload of pest management and allow you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.
  4. Tools. Unlike other pest controllers, professionals have all the tools and equipment required to deal with all types of pests.

Get in Touch with Professional Pest Controllers

Pests can be a safety hazard to preschool children. Implementing an effective pest management system is essential, especially if you want parents to trust you with their kids completely. Through our pest control services, you can keep your daycare facility safe for kids. We can also help you take first-hand measures of keeping pests away using our nursery and school cleaning services. Contact us today for reliable solutions to all your pest problems.

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