The Importance of Paying Our Cleaners the London Living Wage


The Importance of Paying Our Cleaners the London Living Wage

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The Importance of Paying Our Cleaners the London Living Wage


Paying a cleaner to take care of your office often sounds like an expensive proposition. You may find yourself seriously considering hiring a budget cleaner: someone who will come in, take care of the cleaning tasks, and not require you to pay quite as much for the task.

At Regional Services, however, we believe in paying our cleaners a London living wage. We choose to pay above minimum wage for all of our cleaners for a number of reasons–and when you consider the benefits of paying a living wage to your cleaners, we believe you will appreciate the difference.

1. Paying a Living Wage Decreases Turnover

When employees are desperate, they will often take any job they can get–including a job that pays less than a living wage. As soon as they have the opportunity, however, they will move on to a job with a higher rate of pay. That means a high rate of turnover for businesses that fail to pay their cleaners a living wage–and that means that you are ending up with poorly-trained cleaners who don’t know how to properly clean your office. By paying a living wage, on the other hand, we get cleaners who are willing to stick with our company long-term.

2. By Paying a Living Wage, We Get Better Employees

When you pay a substandard wage, quite simply, you often end up with substandard employees: those who aren’t willing to go the extra mile for their employer or for their clients. Good employees often know their worth, and they seek out jobs that will pay them what they know they’re worth. By paying a living wage, we attract those employees who are willing to go the extra mile in their cleaning jobs. They’re often highly motivated, attentive to details, and willing to get their hands dirty–which is exactly what you need when the time comes to clean your office.

3. Paying a Living Wage Increases Dedication

Not only do we get better employees from the moment they sign on with us when we pay a living wage, offering the funds for a reasonable standard of living increases employee dedication. They want to keep their jobs, which means they’ll be more likely to put the extra effort into their shifts every day. Paying a substandard wage, on the other hand, can make it difficult to motivate employees, especially when they work with little supervision, as many cleaners do. Since we pay a living wage for our cleaners, you get a cleaner, better-looking office with those extra touches that will help set it apart and let your customers know that you care about appearances, too.

4. Living Wage Helps Strengthen the Economy

Paying a living wage doesn’t just benefit both our business and yours. It also helps strengthen the economy as a whole. In many cases, employees who are actually paid a living wage are able to make decisions they wouldn’t make otherwise: getting married, having kids, and making purchases that help support other local businesses. As a result, the economy grows stronger when businesses come together with a commitment to pay a living wage for their employees.

5. Happy Workers are More Productive

While paying a living wage isn’t a full indicator of employee happiness, employees who don’t have to worry about putting food on the table or keeping electricity turned on are more likely to be happy. Happy workers are, in general, more productive, which means that they’re more likely to move smoothly through your business–and, in many cases, keep both our costs and yours lower, since productive employees take care of their cleaning tasks faster.

At Regional Services, we offer reasonably-priced cleaning services that reflect our dedication to paying our cleaners a living wage. Want to learn more about our services and what we offer? Fill out our free quote form to learn more about what we can offer your office.

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