Smart Ways to Manage Waste and Recycling

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Smart Ways to Manage Waste and Recycling

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Knowing how to manage waste and recycling is an important aspect of any business, and there’s a myriad of benefits for recycling the majority of it. Companies need to keep up with current waste legislation and environment policies to avoid fines but there should also be a sense of duty – waste is an international problem and businesses could have the answer.

Each year 18 million tonnes of waste goes to landfill in the UK alone. This is not sustainable, which is why the government is providing initiatives to recycle more and more office products, rather than throw them away to be sent to landfill. As much as 80% of the contents of the average wheelie bin could have been composted or recycled, so it’s about time companies apply smart waste management and recycling techniques. Not only will this improve health and safety at work and save companies money, it will also protect the environment and give businesses a green reputation.

Waste Management

Business and public attitudes about waste need to change. For smarter and more effective ways to manage waste disposal take a look at these ideas…

Reuse or recycle?image of four wheelie bins

The waste bin needs to be seen as a last resort. Almost everything can be reused or recycled, so really make sure your workforce think hard before putting something in the waste disposal. If you’re getting rid of large furniture or equipment, could it be of use to someone else? Why not donate it to a charity or a local community group? Old phones and electronics can also be sent off to specialist WEEE centres to be taken apart and disposed of or recycled responsibly.

When it comes to everyday rubbish, the majority should be divided between recycling bins. As standard you should be recycling paper and cardboard, plastic, metal, glass and food waste, but did you know many waste and recycling services also collect light bulbs, textiles and ink cartridges?


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Reducing the amount of waste your office produces is the simplest way to improve waste management. Here are some general tips for cutting down on waste and cutting waste disposal costs:

  • Encourage staff to bring their own water flasks and cups for drinking from throughout the day. Only provide paper or plastic cups at the drinking machine for guests
  • If machinery or equipment is faulty, always try and repair it rather than buying brand new items
  • Encourage people not to print out documents and meeting notes unless absolutely necessary
  • Always print double sided when you need a hard copy
  • Consciously buy products which are delivered with minimal, recyclable packaging.

Decrease the amount of waste your business produces and you will reduce waste management costs, as well as make a positive impact on the environment.

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