Six Underestimated Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

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Six Underestimated Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

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Six Underestimated Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning


Why employ eco-friendly office cleaning? Everyone’s natural first answer is that it’s good for the environment. Of course this is your first answer, because it is definitely the most important. In the long run, doing things that are good for the environment are good for the planet and the human race as a whole. But that’s not always why businesses make the decisions they do.

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of switching to an eco-friendly cleaning service, it’s important to have all the facts, including the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning beyond simply being good for the environment. So today, we’re here to share six benefits of green cleaning practices that often overlooked but are far more directly beneficial to the office and staff you are so carefully responsible for.


1) Less Wear-and-Tear on the Office

Whether you are the building owner or a considerate tenant, an important thing to remember is just how harsh traditional cleaning chemicals really are. Used in concentrated solutions, as they often are by professional cleaners, these harsh chemicals can actually be corrosive and harmful to your office materials.

That bleach smell in the bathroom is slowly wearing away the finish on the fixtures and the grout between the tiles and corrosive chemicals can often make your carpets, walls, and even the furniture accumulate long-term wear-and-tear much faster than when they are wiped down with sanitizing natural cleaning solutions.


2) Pleasant and Non-Pervasive Aromas

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions do not have these acrid aromas or unpleasant side-effects. When your cleaning service is getting it done with gentle mixtures of sanitizing natural solutions, the aroma doesn’t linger, it doesn’t pierce the walls and sinuses, and any aroma you can smell after a cleaning tends to be much more pleasant.


3) Employee Health and Wellness

If members of your staff occasionally complain of cleaning chemical smell or have to go home early with a splitting headache, switching to an eco-friendly cleaning service can make a surprisingly profound difference in employee health and wellness. Not only are you no longer exposing employees to potential health risks, but you are also ensuring that those who are sensitive are spared the pain and discomfort, and lack of focus brought on by negative reactions to chemicals in the air.


4) Accommodation for Medically Sensitive Employees

Some of your employees may even have a medical condition that makes them especially sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals. Those with breathing problems, immune deficiencies, or other conditions that increase their sensitivity to air quality may be suffering from the use of traditional cleaning techniques. Eco-friendly cleaning might be the perfect way to provide medical accommodation for these employees who may have previously had to ask for their desk to be moved or other less productive methods to stay at work the day after cleaning staff have visited.


5) Safety for Visiting Pets and Children

Some businesses have in-house daycares so that parents can work without worrying about their little ones. A few truly trendy office even have office pets or a dog-friendly policy so that employees can enjoy the company of animal companionship while they work.

If your office is open to visiting children or pets, traditional cleaning may cause increased concern for their safety. While employees may never be in a position to touch a freshly bleached floor and then lick their hands, small children and pets are a different story. Bleached floors are not really “clean enough to eat off of” because the lingering chemical residue can be more dangerous than the dirt that was removed.

With eco-friendly cleaning, you don’t have to worry if visiting children or pets are safe because no harsh chemicals were used in the office at all.


6) Better Relationship with Fellow Green Businesses

Last but certainly not least is your reputation in the green business community. There is a strong alliance among businesses that prioritise green business practices from the top to the bottom of the service integration ladder. The more eco-friendly business practices you take on, the greater a part of that alliance you can become. Which can come with some surprising benefits with your new green business allies.

Is your business ready to make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning services? Contact us today to find out more!

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