It’s that time of year again when the annual office shindig takes place, whether you like it or not. Many companies choose to reward their staff at Christmas with a social event, whether it’s a corporate black tie ball or a more relaxed evening out at the pub. Some businesses host their own Christmas party in the office, complete with a boombox, buffet and party games. The last day of work before the holidays can also turn into an office party!

With this in mind, the experts are on hand to give their specialist advice about transforming the office into a winter wonderland. Also, who will tidy up and clean the office when everyone has gone home for Christmas?

Here are some tips for the Xmas Party

picture of christmas lightsMove everything that could get damaged

Office parties can get pretty wild – even if there’s no alcohol involved! Christmas is the one time a year staff feel they can let loose. If the manager has decided that the afternoon is for socialising, then it’s important to get everyone away from their desks and move them to the edges of the room if possible. Move expensive equipment and anything else valuable that could be damaged by spillages or a clumsy dancer.

Place extra bins

Plastic plates and cups are great because it means less washing up – but they tend to get left everywhere. Put some extra bins or just bin bags around the room, so people are encouraged to bin their leftovers as soon as possible.

Decorate in style

It won’t feel like much of a Christmas party if the room isn’t decorated to its full potential. It needs to feel totally different from the everyday working space that people are used to. Think banners, balloons, tinsel, bunting and other festive hanging decorations. You could even get creative in the office and all make your own decorations.

Arrange the clean-uppicture of a christmas table and tree

When all the fun is over, unfortunately somebody has to clean up the mess. Make sure the clean-up is organised ahead of time – maybe everybody can stay to help out, or the supervisors and managers are given the responsibility. Never leave open food or drink in the office, as this can attract bugs and rodents.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could go home jolly and fully of Christmas spirit, without having to clean up after the party? With a commercial cleaning service, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

Merry Christmas from the team at Regional Services!

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