How Regularly Should you Have your Office Cleaned

Have your Office Cleaned

How Regularly Should you Have your Office Cleaned

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A clean office is a happy office. Your employees spend most of their day in the space you have provided; they deserve a clean workspace to help them achieve their daily targets most efficiently. Your office is also the first impression of visitors, from clients to interview candidates, and a clean and tidy office is a must for any professional business owner. Here are some tips to help you decide which office cleaning tasks are essential to you.

Daily Tasks

First and foremost, you need to assess the size of your office space as a larger space will have different requirements than a smaller one will. Nevertheless, there are a few tasks which should be carried out every day. Bins should be emptied, floors should be vacuumed and mopped if required, and communal areas like staff kitchens and toilets must be cleaned. These are all basic cleaning principles that must be followed to provide your employees a productive working environment.

Occasional Tasks

There is also a list of cleaning tasks that can be undertaken several times a year at your discretion. If your office is carpeted, deep-clean it every few months to keep it fresh and odour free. Do not neglect your windows. Dirty windows are incredibly noticeable and will immediately look out of place; especially in a sleek, modern office environment. If your budget allows, opt for a monthly cleaning service to keep your windows sparkling. Do not also forget to clean your office equipment. Removing dust and dirt from your computer equipment will help prolong their working life and improve their efficiency.

Healthy is Happy

Frequent office cleaning is essential to a professional business as it has so many benefits. A clean office helps fight the spread of infection and will reduce the potential of bacteria being spread around the office.

In addition to cleaning common areas, pay attention to items such as water-coolers or light switches or any shared equipment like telephones. Anything that is shared or touched by multiple workers should be cleaned at least once a week to help prevent germs. If you know there has been an outbreak of illness in your staff, be particularly vigilant.

Pest Control

Your office may initially seem clean, but an outbreak of bugs or other small pests can soon disrupt that balance. In addition to the steps above, ensure your exterior areas are also clean and tidy. Make sure all rubbish is thrown away in bins and not left sitting out in plastic bags as this can attract vermin. Rats and mice for example, are experts in finding ways in to buildings and once there, they are difficult to expel. Give them the smallest of chances of a way inside and they’re sure to find it.

Also, do not forget to inspect and clean your storage areas regularly. Pests like paper lice or rodents can quickly create a home in some forgotten corner.

With a vigilant eye and careful consideration, you can easily protect your workspace from these unwelcome visitors.

Regional Services

Regional Services

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