Pros and Cons of On and Off-site Security Monitoring

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Pros and Cons of On and Off-site Security Monitoring

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We understand the importance of security when it comes to your business and it’s not something we take lightly. At Regional Services, our staff go through strict identity checks and we can extend security measures or implement a special procedure at our client’s request.

We believe the security of your workplace should be paramount. Few things matter more than ensuring the empire you built stays safe from criminal endeavours. There is a lot to consider when we think about security, firstly, let’s look at security off-site.

Off-site Security Monitoring

This means a secure place off-site to monitor and maintain data. This could be for data storage, regular backups or shredding sensitive documents to ensure adherence to Data Protection Act legislation. It could mean a secure off-site security camera recording, set up to receive live feeds from CCTV at your business premises. Security cameras could transmit footage from your business, which could be accessed by security professionals off-site.

On-site Security

Secure storage, locking systems, keypads, alarms, CCTV, security gates or perimeter fencing, and security staff are just some of the things that come to mind when we think about on-site security, but when we think about the need for continual monitoring, it’s all about security staff and CCTV, which could be provided and maintained by your own staff on the premises or operated remotely by a service provider.

Security Staff

The obvious benefit of security staff is the increased safety of having continual monitoring around the clock. Security staff will monitor the premises and be able to respond to any suspicious behaviour in real time, informing you if anything occurs. However, hiring the right staff yourself can be tricky, timely and even costly. You will need to pay for training and security checks, or perhaps extend the duties of existing staff members with an on-call rota for key holders. Would your staff be happy to do that? If it is not their primary role, there is a risk they won’t perform it well. More importantly, consider the danger they will be under when responding to an alarm activation. Is it worth the risk to your staff and business?

However, should you use staff here at Regional Services, you can be confident that they have undergone stringent checks and robust training, as all our staff are thoroughly vetted, SIA checked and insured. The key holder position will be their dedicated role, so they can commit to it wholeheartedly, ensuring all security procedures are followed. Furthermore, they will be in constant contact with someone from the management team, to ensure the process is carried out safely.


It provides constant monitoring of key areas around your property that can be accessed to review segments of time or any suspicious behaviour. It’s 24 hours a day, it doesn’t sleep on the job and can be reviewed at any time. But is it best to have this data recorded on-site or off-site?

Off-site Security Camera Recording

Although on-site camera monitoring is easy to design and implement, therefore the cheaper option, off-site camera security is considerably more secure.

Firstly, if kept on-site, the data can be damaged or stolen from your premises, whereas with off-site camera security the data is kept at a dedicated and secure storage facility.

Secondly, if your premises have been accessed, footage can be transmitted in real time to a monitoring team. They can then assess the level of threat, eliminate any false alarm and respond instantly by sending their own security professionals or contact your designated key holder.

Regional Services can provide you with a key holder for this purpose. We can offer peace of mind with this add-on service, which will boost your security to ensure round the clock coverage. Partnered with Elizabethan security, we have a key holding and alarm response service which means that we can cover any alarm activations, at any hour, on any day. Moreover, our 24/7 manned controlled centre will keep you informed every step of the way

For this service, keys are held in a secure location and our security professionals are always first on the scene, preventing the need for an internal call out rota and ensuring your staff aren’t put in a dangerous position when attending the premises. To ensure minimal stress, our security professional will liaise with emergency personnel and supervise the premises until they are once again made secure.

This add-on service can be used in conjunction with any of our first-class services, such as commercial cleaning, waste management or our handyman service. Our regular clients love to take advantage of our highly rated services, as they are tailored to suit your business needs and have no fixed term contract. It couldn’t be easier to boost security in your business.

Regional Services

Regional Services

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