Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Keep Schools and Classrooms Clean

professional cleaning services to keep schools and classrooms clean

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Keep Schools and Classrooms Clean

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If you don’t already use a reputable school cleaning service, it is a fantastic and professional way to keep your office looking clean and tidy – whilst keeping it in safe hands, and secure too.

School cleaning services are a lot different to office cleaning services. On average, schools are four times more densely populated than office spaces, meaning they accumulate dirt far more quickly.

Hygiene is an extremely important factor when you are running a productive educational facility. Schools can be messy places! Primary schools are full of glitter, paint, and food remnants, and secondary schools invite even more dirt with their huge number of students. As a result, schools are amazing breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Therefore, whilst it is important that your classrooms are clean and shiny, they also need to be germ-free. A clean environment is also essential to successful learning for students and helps to maintain high attendance levels.

Ensuring your cleaning company are reputable is really crucial for a number of reasons. Here at Regional Services, we work with many central London businesses, many of whom deal with customer information and customer data in their offices – so security always has to be a top priority . Your business’s security is equally as important to us, as it is to you – and it’s because of this that we know how important hiring reputable cleaning services is.

Take a look at how hiring a professional cleaning service can help keep your school and classrooms spick and span:

Cleaning Services 

Schools have many different areas: classrooms, science labs, changing rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums to name but a few. These areas each present their own cleaning challenges, which professional cleaning services are experienced in tackling.

Professional cleaning services for schools encompass daily cleaning, periodic deep cleans, kitchen deep cleans, floor maintenance, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, emergency cleaning, graffiti and chewing gum removal, and litter picking. Rather than relying upon in-house cleaners or random hirings, using a professional cleaning service means that you are guaranteed experienced staff with expertise of schools specifically.

We provide a flexible and comprehensive cleaning service which is tailored to meet the needs of your school, practical support in the event of an emergency, and cleaning inspections by management on a regular basis.

Deep cleaning is a highly sought-after process which usually takes place during the six-week summer break. The deep clean typically involves full cleaning of all walls, cupboards, doors, and light fittings, a full steam clean of carpets to restore them after the school year, the scrubbing of hard floors and their lingering dirt, cleaning of blinds so that they shine like new, dusting of all walls to ensure there are no cobwebs, the polishing of doors and internal glass, and the cleaning of chairs, stools, and desks, particularly focusing on the removal of dirt and chewing gum.

Other Services

At Regional Services, we offer a number of other services which have proven popular with schools and childcare premises. For example, our care-taking service means that someone can come and open and close the building before and after the working day. Another service which may be beneficial to you is our painting and decorating service, which can be organised during the school holidays for you.


School cleaners must be security vetted and DBS checked. In today’s society, security is becoming more and more important, and as school cleaners work in close proximity with young children, safety is paramount. Therefore, professional cleaning services ensure that they supply high quality and fully vetted professional cleaners so that school environments remain safe as well as clean. This level of security provides peace of mind for parents and teachers, who can be certain that the pupils are being well looked after. 

A reputable cleaning service will also ensure security checks are carried out, and at Regional Services, these are the checks we do:

  • We ensure we see copies of utility bills/bank statements (for proof of address),
  • We check all staff have their National Insurance Number,
  • All staff must prove the right to work and live in the UK,
  • We check all ID and ensure staff have valid passports,
  • We confirm the person named is entitled to live and work in the UK.

All staff members who come into your school / office during cleaning services will be provided with a uniform too, which have our logo on, and they are also required to wear their security ID badge too – for identification purposes. This makes it clear who they are, and who they work for – and leaves no room for mistakes or confusion.

Training and Supervision

School cleaners are given training to ensure that they follow government guidelines. This training makes sure that they use the cleaning products and materials correctly. Once trained, school cleaners are regularly supervised to ensure that their quality level does not drop. At Regional Services, our area manager arranges to visit clients to talk through any cleaning or security issues they may be having.

What this Means for your Schools

clean classroomsWithout a well-developed cleaning program, your school will struggle to meet its high standards. If you seek the help of a professional cleaning service, your school will reap the following benefits:

  1. It gives a good first impression. If you have people regularly visiting your office, then having the place looking clean and tidy makes sure everyone is left with the best possible first impression of your office and business.
  2. A better learning environment. It is highly important to maximise the student learning experience, and studies have shown that dirty facilities have a negative impact on classroom performance.
  3. Increased parental involvement. A professionally cleaned school assures parents that their children are learning in a healthy atmosphere. As a result, they become more involved in school processes.
  4. Improved teaching. As schools are the workplaces for teachers, they perform better when they aren’t disheartened or distracted by poor conditions.
  5. It saves time. A professional cleaning service will be efficient and fast, without cutting corners. This will save you lots of time (because if you or your staff were to clean yourself it would take up more hours in the day).
  6. Fewer sickness absences. Maintaining good hygiene standards reduces student absences and staff sick days.
  7. Cost-effectiveness. Using a professional cleaning service reduces the need for expensive maintenance equipment and cleaning products.
  8. On-site expertise. Professional cleaners have the specialised industry knowledge that escapes less qualified cleaners, meaning that advanced cleaning issues that crop up can be expertly handled.
  9. Confidence in school management. With a clean school environment, students, teachers, and parents remain confident that the administration cares about the school.
  10. Flexible cleaning. A professional cleaning service can work around your routine and your meetings – which means everything can be flexible. This can help business run smoother and can help improve your day to day schedule too.
  11. Pride in the school remains high!

If you’re ready to choose a reputable school cleaning service, here at Regional Services, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to get in touch.

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Regional Services

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  • Couldn’t agree more with your points. Also, it’s no secret that children are not always the most hygienic of people and often classes can be very full and crowded, so it is so important that cleanliness is maintained in schools. A professional regular clean minimises illness, the spreading of illness and staff and pupil absence – which improves everyone’s quality of life.

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