How to Prevent Pests in Public Areas

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How to Prevent Pests in Public Areas

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Pests are more than a nuisance – they can spread diseases and even get businesses shut down in extreme cases. Regardless of what kind of business you own, and where it is located, pests can strike anywhere. From a countryside pub to a city centre office, any business can be at risk so it is important to take preventative steps to avoid an infestation. Offices are at just as much risk as restaurants, and rodents can cause more problems such as chewing up wires and equipment.

Rodents can often be seen is the waste area or even back of house as these are the perfect conditions for them – however you really don’t want them to be seen in public areas. Whether that’s the office canteen or the shop floor, pests can cause a very public scene. To keep a safe environment for your staff and visitors, follow these top tips.

Keep the kitchen clean

Image of a clean kitchen
Most pests enter buildings looking for food – and unless you’re careful, they often find it. You should keep all food in containers with tight lids, and if possible stored high up. This can be an issue in a communal kitchen, because people bring all sorts of food to work and nobody is responsible for keeping it clean and tidy. Crumbs can act as a trail for ants or rats, so keeping the kitchen clean is critical. To have it cleaned daily to a professional standard, trust a cleaning company who will keep those pests at bay.

Outdoor bins

Rodents love sniffing around rubbish and waste, as many of its contents are edible. Make it as difficult as possible for them by keeping rubbish bags in metal bins with secure lids. If they have access to the food they will keep coming back for it! It is also the perfect breeding ground for flies and other pests, so never overfill your outdoor bin. You should also make sure waste is being collected regularly and there are enough bins for the building. A waste management service could help prevent rats living near your office.

Waterimage of a full bin

A lot of pests are attracted to water, so cut them off at the source. Never leave water around overnight in buckets or sinks, and if you have a leak then get it fixed as soon as possible. Rats need access to water to survive, so if you make sure they don’t get it then they will have to go elsewhere.

Pests in public areas can be devastating for any company’s reputation. Do all you can in terms of prevention but if you do end up with an infestation, get the experts in immediately. Find out more about our pest control services.

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