Preparing the Office for Christmas – it’s Never too Early!

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Preparing the Office for Christmas – it’s Never too Early!

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With only a small amount of Mondays left before Christmas (we’re into single figures!) it’s time to begin preparing the office for the holiday season. Many shopping centres, high streets and department stores have already started decorating their windows, but for many business owners and managers this is a bit too hasty! You don’t have to put the tree up just yet but there are various tasks you can be getting on with in the lead up to Christmas.

Depending on what sector your business works within, and whether it is B2B or B2C, the build-up to Christmas can be extremely busy or rather slow. Either way, keeping staff in good spirits and spreading festive cheer is essential, as is planning the annual Christmas party. Here are some ideas for getting the office Christmas ready, with jobs you can start in November and December.

Deep cleaning

Now is the perfect time of year to get those extra cleaning jobs done – such as specialist carpet or floor cleaning. During winter people bring in all sorts of mud and debris on their footwear, making the office dirty and unattractive. Hire a cleaning company to blitz the floor or carpet to make the building look more welcoming, and ready for the festive décor.

Clear out

Christmas is also an opportunity to get rid of clutter and any broken furniture or old equipment. You’re probably been storing it in a corner somewhere but you’ll need that extra space now for the tree! Have a de-clutter and get any bulk waste or recycling collected.

Maintenance matters

If you’re expecting extra visitors over the festive period then you need to make sure the office looks its best. Any jobs on your maintenance list small or large should be completed before you put up the Christmas decorations – don’t let them onto the 2018 to-do list! If you need any extra help with odd jobs around the building or could use an extra hand decorating the office for Christmas, we have a handyman to hire to make sure everything is finished by Christmas.

Festive snacks

Why not brighten up the office with some festive snacks during the Christmas period? From mince pies and roasted chestnuts to stockings full of satsumas, not all festive foods have to be unhealthy. You could also organise a festive baking competition among the staff where everyone votes for the winner.

As you know in business, it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas – but think about your own premises and employees as well as the customers.

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Regional Services

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