Maintenance Tips for Preventing Electrical Malfunctions

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All businesses these days rely on electricity, in some way, to function properly. If you run a shop then you’ll need tills and card readers, in addition to people in the office answering phone calls and checking emails. If your businesses is office based, you’ll have a tonne of electrical equipment which staff rely on … Read More

How to Maintain Your Floors During Bad Weather

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During winter, employees, visitors and clients can bring a lot more into the office than you’d like. Bad weather outside can unfortunately lead to bad housekeeping inside! Commercial flooring has to bear the brunt of people treading in mud, snow, wet leaves and other debris. Wet floors become the norm and keeping them clean becomes … Read More

4 Steps to an Efficient Working Environment

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Creating a positive and efficient working environment is essential for any company which wants to retain its employees. When staff are comfortable at work, output is increased and they are also generally more happy and positive. This is then communicated to clients or customers, and they receive a more positive experience when contacting the company. … Read More

Do I Need Professional Cleaners?

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As a business owner or office manager, you have a strict budget to consider as well as running the company efficiently. You have to make difficult decisions to prioritise which services you can outsource, and which you can do in-house to save money. You surely understand the importance of a clean and hygienic working environment, … Read More