As we say goodbye to 2016 and it’s business as usual for the New Year, it’s important to note how workplaces may change. Offices are changing, markets are changing and world politics are changing, which affects all businesses; so you need to learn to adapt. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest office trends for 2017 so you can decide which to get on board with.

Workplace Wellness

Over the past few years, health and wellness has been a hot topic for corporations and with good reason – in 2015/2016 there were 11.7 million working days lost in Great Britain due to stress. General health for middle aged people is also on the decline, with a Public Health England report revealing eight in 10 40-60 year olds are overweight, drinking too much and not exercising enough. This can lead to more health problems which require time away from work.

Employers are finally waking up to the long term effects of physical and mental illness in the workplace – and taking action. From free gym memberships to encouraging healthy food choices at lunch time, there are many schemes companies can take part in. It’s also important to let employees know about the support available if suffering with stress, anxiety or depression. The workplace wellness trend is set to explode in 2017 after gaining momentum for the past few years.

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Innovation and technology has allowed businesses to grow and develop in new ways. Location is no longer an issue, and borders simply don’t matter now for many workers. This means that many offices are becoming smaller and smarter, and workforces can also be a lot more condensed. Business owners can outsource many services, from website management to cleaning and maintenance services in order to save money and streamline operations.

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In the same category, businesses can tap into a brand new pool of freelance experts to help propel their company. The number of freelancers in the UK is up 36% since 2008, and the freelance economy has benefits for both businesses and self-employed specialists. Managers can hire skilled professionals in a certain area as and when they are needed, without having to commit to a long term salary, pension and other costs related to recruitment. Throughout the next year more companies will see the advantages and could even hire more freelancers, from anywhere the world, than permanent employees. More people are becoming attracted to the freelance life as employment opportunities become less certain and the flexible lifestyle is desirable.

Are you ready for 2017?

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