Office Resolutions for 2018

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Office Resolutions for 2018

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It’s 2018 and it’s a fresh start for the office! Staff are returning to work feeling refreshed and motivated after the holidays, many of them with personal and career goals in mind. Most people make New Year’s resolutions based on healthier lifestyles or saving money, but it’s also a great opportunity for companies to make group resolutions. From improving organisation and productivity to encouraging a good work life balance, there are lots of ways to improve the business for 2018.

Once you’ve decided on the office resolutions, print them out and place them somewhere visible for everyone to see. All workers should make the effort to take part in the resolution and office managers need to actively motivate employees towards the goal. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Keep the kitchen tidy

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dirty or smelly kitchen – it can really distract people from their tasks. You shouldn’t rely on professional cleaners to clean the kitchen every evening, it needs to be kept clean throughout the day. As most people try and lose weight or eat healthy in January, the kitchen will be used more than normal. Workers will be trying to cook and prepare everything from avocados on toast to vegan salads so it’s important to encourage cleaning up straight away. Leave the kitchen in a fit state for the next staff member. If you don’t notice any improvement, you should nominate a daily kitchen monitor.


Never underestimate the power of positivity! If everybody made an effort to be more positive, the office would be a wonderful place to work. Be that person to make somebody laugh or help out when a co-worker is struggling. You could really make a difference to that person’s day.

Be active

Many people will have already committed to a new exercise regime or fitness trend, but it’s also a good idea to promote fitness in the workplace. Sitting for too long is a serious health risk, and healthy employees are better employees. Make changes in the office to get people moving – put the printers in another room so they have to walk back and forwards a couple of times a day, or encourage standing meetings. January is also a brilliant time to start lunchtime fitness classes as the office – half an hour of yoga or boxercise can invigorate the body and improve concentration and productivity throughout the afternoon. If you don’t have the space or resources to set up your own classes with an instructor, find classes nearby and offer a free membership.

Every working environment can be improved – what changes would your staff like to see? Have a suggestion box for your resolutions and see what employees would like to achieve in the office.

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