It’s the perfect time for a fresh start as we head into 2017 – but it’s not just personal goals you should focus on. If you own a business, think about what New Year resolutions could make positive changes for the year ahead and lead to growth. As business owners take a little time out for reflection and forward planning, consider what could be improved in the office in 2017? Does it create a long standing first impression?

Office Resolutions

Try and look at your commercial space as an outsider, with an objective view, and you may spot room for many improvements. From a reception area refurbishment to giving staff more space, here are some resolutions you may wish to follow to boost your business in 2017.

Clear the air

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can lead to long term health problems? Companies have a responsibility to staff to make sure they are working in a safe, comfortable environment. By taking measures to remove chemicals in the air (even adding plants around the office can help) your workforce will become more focused and productive.

Refresh the décorimage of pencils

There’s nothing worse than visiting or working in a dreary office building. The interior design of an office can not only make or break that crucial first impression, but it can also have an effect on motivation and productivity. Think about the colour of the walls and furniture – light colours are often best for sparking creativity and creating more natural light. Think about hiring local painters and decorators to spruce up the most important parts of the office. You need the room to be welcoming and people should want to spend time there!

Healthy office

Many people set their own health resolutions in January, but the workplace should get on board with it too. The spotlight is on workplace wellbeing this year, as more businesses are realising they can make a difference to their health of their employees, and reduce sickness days. Why not offer free fitness classes at lunchtime or at the end of the day? You could also try and ditch the cakes and biscuits in the meetings and replace them with healthy snacks. Standing desks and standing meetings are also on the rise and something to consider. How healthy is your team?

Staff appreciation

It’s important that staff feel happy working in your office and satisfied in their role. The facilities have a role to play in this, but it also helps to create a strong team and make sure everybody feels appreciated by the top bosses. Regular teambuilding sessions and weekly awards are a great way to boost engagement, so see how happy your staff could be in 2017.

Have you got any other ideas for office resolutions? Let us know.

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