Be afraid, be very afraid! We look at office Halloween decoration ideas that transform your workplace into a ghoulish den of tricks and treats. Fang-tastic!

Halloween office themes

A great way to freak out your work colleagues is to have a Halloween theme around the office. Ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards, or how about a spook-tacular spider’s den? Plastic spiders left by coffee cups or attached to door handles can give unsuspecting staff a fright, whilst cobwebs can be made by cutting up rubbish bags. Remember, Halloween is fun, so bring party food. Ice cream, you scream! Spidery cupcakes and snacks keep everyone sweet and reinforce the creepy theme.

Halloween is not Halloween without frightening lanterns, so place some around the office. Orange balloons make a good alternative, just draw on a crazy face! Black and orange paper streamers add to the gruesome look, whilst no self-respecting creepfest would be complete without bats, so hang lots of them from doors, shelves and desktop monitors.

Your office Halloween decoration must all be creative and a little planning may be needed. Turning your copier area into a haunted den makes printing a simple spreadsheet a ghoulish experience! Using a black tent to build your gruesome lair, add stickers of ghosts and skeletons and a witches’ broomstick around the entrance. Place a laptop behind the tent and play a loop of evil laughter to make that corner of the office a dark place, full of demons. Make photocopying a scary start to the day!

Halloween office party

So, the boss has agreed to a Halloween office party. Let the bloodcurdling fun begin! This is not just the time to let your down but to colour it with fake blood. Deathly pale makeup and black fingernails add to the ghoulish look. Very Harley Quinn. Draw stitches on your face and channel your inner zombie. Wear a ski mask and insist that your colleagues call you Jason to give them Friday 13th chills, or just camp it up as Elvis, Morticia, or Frankenstein.

Oh and don’t forget the first rule of Halloween costumes. At least one person must dress as a ghost, using a white sheet with cut-out eyeholes! Add some competitive spirit to your spooks by having a Best Costume contest. Maybe the winner can leave work an hour early! Once dressed to kill, it is time to mix with your gory colleagues and play Halloween games. Charades with a horror movie theme are great fun. How about the hilarious Mummy Wrapping game? With spinning office chairs, lots of screaming and even more toilet paper, it is guaranteed to get everyone in a party mood!

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