What Kind Of Office Carpet Should You Choose For Your Business?

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What Kind Of Office Carpet Should You Choose For Your Business?

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Executives in charge of running a successful business have to make a hundred decisions every day, and in the grand scheme of things the carpet underneath your feet might not seem like it merits too high a spot on your list of priorities.

However, it’s important to remember that your choice of carpet will presumably be with you for the long haul; it’ll be the backdrop to all of your business meetings and the foundation upon which your employees build the future of your company. With its style and colour scheme sure to have a subconscious effect on all who walk upon it – not to mention the impact that the cleanliness of your carpet can have on your business image – it’s vital this is one decision you get right.

When deciding which kind of office carpet is right for your particular workplace, there are a few key concepts you should bear in mind. Here’s a handy breakdown of the main contributing factors to ensure you combine aestheticism and durability with your next office carpet selection.

Types of commercial carpeting

First thing’s first – you’ll need to narrow down the range of available carpet types to start your search in earnest. There a variety of different kinds of commercial carpeting to choose from, including:

  • Cut pile carpets. Of medium durability and available in a wide range of patterns, styles and colours, cut pile carpets guarantee a softened feel under the feet regardless of the level of thickness. Ideal for creating an impression of luxury to wow visitors to your business.
  • Level loop carpets. Available in different thicknesses and weights, level loop carpets offer resilience against dirt, are easy to clean and provide a smooth, flat surface. As a general rule, the tighter the loop, the more durability it will offer against heavy footfall traffic.
  • Cut and loop carpets. Similar to level loop carpets, cut and loop carpets differ in that they have varying heights between the fibres involved in their makeup. While this is great for hiding dirt and grime and can provide an attractive aesthetic, it might be problematic for use where office chairs need a flatter surface to manoeuvre unimpeded.
  • Broadloom carpets. A common choice for wall-to-wall carpeting, broadloom carpets do not let dirt penetrate through them and require being nailed or tacked down. This means it’s an appropriate choice for locations where it is expected to be in use for the foreseeable future, but not for more transitory purposes. It also requires specialist cleaning.
  • Carpet tiles. Varying in size, style and colour, carpet tiles can provide a great cost-effective solution as they are easily replaced and maintained. If one tile becomes stained, discoloured or damaged, you can simply replace it individually, thus saving a huge expense in replacing the entire floor. They’re also easy to remove if access to underfloor electrics is required.

Colours of commercial carpeting

It’s a well-known fact that the colour scheme of a room can have a subtle but powerful influence on the mood of those inside it, especially if they spend almost half of their waking life in that environment. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to thoroughly research available options using swatches in-situ to get an idea of how the office would look when decorated wall-to-wall with the colour in question. Here are a few things to remember when mulling over colour choices:

  • Company colours. If your business already has an iconic colour scheme in place, it’s sensible to adopt this around the office workplace as much as possible. Of course, this will depend entirely on the circumstances; bright shades could be too distracting or garish, for example. In any case, you’ll want to make sure you don’t inadvertently adopt the colour scheme used by a competitor when relaying your carpet.
  • Dark colours. Dark colours in an office environment can cut both ways. On the one hand, they can be effective in hiding dirt and stains and may help to increase the gravitas in the workplace, but can go too far in introducing a sombre note to your office and can even increase claustrophobic feelings. They’re also prone to fading in direct sunlight.
  • Light colours. Although they do not camouflage stains very well, light-coloured carpets can help to increase the sense of depth in a room and make it look larger. Cool, neutral colours like grey, brown or taupe could be the best option for blending with other décor inside the office and avoiding unwanted subconscious effects on employee morale or concentration.

A clean carpet is a happy carpet

Whichever carpet you decide to plump for, it’s important to take good care of it to make sure you get as many years out of it as possible. Regularly cleaning and maintenance of a carpet can add significant time to its lifespan, so it’s a good idea to contract commercial cleaning professionals to see that your newest member of the office is well looked-after.

Whether you just require a straightforward carpet cleaning service, or would like to incorporate carpet maintenance into a more comprehensive cleaning package, Regional Services can help. We have the experience and the expertise to keep your carpet – and your workplace – looking as good as the day you moved in. For more information on our rates and services, give us a call on 020 7708 3814 or drop us a message today. We’re happy to help!

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