Nine Gorgeous Fall Decorating Tips for Your Kitchen

Autumn leaves

Nine Gorgeous Fall Decorating Tips for Your Kitchen

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Autumn is one of the most inspiring seasons of the year. The turning of the leaves creates a brilliant colour palette that sets the mood for the entire season. As cold weather blows in, we cheerfully bundle up in favourite sweaters recently dug from attic storage and start making plans for the first of many exciting holiday celebrations. Autumn is when we start to feel that crisp chill in the air and a festive skip in our step. But the best thing of all about autumn is decorating.

While you decorate the outside for Big Spooky, interiors go through a warm and cozy transformation – and nowhere is cozier than your kitchen. How can you turn your kitchen into an Autumn oasis this year with gorgeous decor? We’ve go a few amazing ideas to share that are aesthetic, useful, and delicious to ring in the fall season.


1) Warm It Up with Wood and Amber Glass

Kitchen accessories are a wonderful way to subtly decorate your space. One of our favourite autumn upgrades is wood and amber glass. Bring in those warm orange and yellow tones in every corner of your kitchen. Cutting boards, woodcuts, and amber containers are a wonderful way to warm up your kitchen’s colour palette with a cozy cottage-style approach to fall decorations.

We love amber glass jars, lanterns, and even sculptures because of the way it reflects light into a golden hue. You can even purposefully shine light through amber glass to make your kitchen glow.


2) Lay Out the Autumn Linens

It’s time to break out the holiday table cloths, runners, and napkins. Festive linens mark a tradition of cold weather and fancy dinners for centuries. We love to see brightly coloured linens this time of year in orange, gold, crimson, and cream. Use your linens to decorate the dining room or lay out runners on the side-tables and kitchen island. Not only are these beautiful pops of colour in an elegant presentation; once you lay out the linens, your centrepieces are soon to follow.


3) Bring the Fall Indoors with Leaves and Gourds

Time-honored and still gorgeous is the ancient autumn tradition of decorating with dried gourds and the beautifully coloured leaves falling from your trees. Collect a few branches that still have dried leaves on them from the backyard or use silk autumn leaves as the backdrop for some truly breathtaking gourd designs. Some people like natural gourds while others make their gourd arrangements more glamorous with a light touch of metallic paint. Gold, silver, and copper paint colours can really make your gourd designs pop and enhance your dried leaf arrangements.


4) Spice Up the Sidebar

Everyone loves a sidebar in the fall because it’s the perfect place to mix hot drinks or snacks. One of the best ways to decorate your sidebar is with jars of spices! If you set out a hot drink station, decorate with floating shelves of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and other additive goodies. Lay out beautiful baskets of tea, cocoa mix, and even bullion for those who want a savoury warm drink.

Decorating spices embraces the subtle farmhouse undertones of most fall decor, so go further than just placing your spice jars. Find beautiful glass jars,  homestyle lids, or even clamp a traditional jar skirt over the top of each lid for a truly old country feel to your spiced sidebar design.


5) Countertop Glass Jars of Autumn Treats

Of course, you don’t have to stop at spice jars! We also love enormous glass jars filled with autumn treats. There’s nothing quite like a rising tower of treated to remind us that the holidays are just around the corner. Clear glass is also the perfect way to transform your endlessly prepared or delivered autumn treats into part of your decoration design.

Don’t have giant glass jars and canisters to spare? No problem! Check out your local thrift shops, they often have a few glass canisters that will be perfect for holding cookies, candy, and tiny gourds.


6) Design a Decorative Baking Station

Speaking of treats, does your team start compulsively baking cakes, cookies, and more exotic desserts as the weather turns cold? If so, you’re not alone. Turn this wonderful tradition of baked goods preparation into a decor inspiration this autumn! Turn one corner of your kitchen into a baking station with everything you and your loved ones need to throw together a batch of treats, a festive pie, or just grab a handful of chocolate chips on the way by.


7) The Warm Glow of Lanterns and Candle Light

Candles have always been a part of fall kitchen design, often mixed into gourds and flower arrangements to bring that special autumn feeling to your kitchen. The best place to put a candle is inside an old-fashioned square lantern. These lanterns are often used empty to add a farmhouse feel to fall decorations, but why waste a good lantern when it’s the perfect place for gold and orange autumn candles? The lantern reduces the risk of an open flame and enhances the warm glow in your kitchen from each candle you light.

Rub your lantern glass with a little oil for a beautiful diffuse light swirl.


9) Kitchen Island DIY Decor Projects

Last but certainly not least, we suggest a fun DIY decor station on the seating side of your island. Lay out crafts like gourds and paint, dried flowers to arrange, or cookies to ice. This is a great way to spend time together and share in the fun of fall season decorating. Your autumn craft station can also transform into a Halloween costume design station, a hand-turkey drawing station, and later, an ornament painting station.


Let’s ring in the autumn with some festive, fun, and gorgeous fall kitchen decoration. Have an inspiration or design you want to share? Have a messy holiday party you need cleaned up or increased maintenance from cold, slushy weather? Contact us today!

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