Maintenance Tips for Preventing Electrical Malfunctions

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Maintenance Tips for Preventing Electrical Malfunctions

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All businesses these days rely on electricity, in some way, to function properly. If you run a shop then you’ll need tills and card readers, in addition to people in the office answering phone calls and checking emails. If your businesses is office based, you’ll have a tonne of electrical equipment which staff rely on day to day. That means when something goes wrong with the electricals, whether it’s a small mishap or a full power outage, businesses will feel the impact. Here’s help on preventing electrical malfunctions

While it is true that not all technical difficulties can be prevented or foreseen, there are ways to keep commercial electricals healthy. From regular maintenance to ensuring the correct temperatures surrounding the equipment, there are simple steps to take which could prevent malfunctions. Take a look at our top maintenance tips for business owners.

Don’t overload sockets

If you have a lot of equipment and not enough electrical sockets, the easy thing to do is to use an extension or power strip to increase the outlets. However you should never ever increase the capacity by overloading sockets. Connecting too many PCs, servers, printers and other equipment can cause huge problems including power failure and can become a fire hazard.

Tip: Christmas is coming, which means you’ll more than likely be planning to decorate your premises. If you want hundreds of lights, you’ll have to find an alternative electricity supply. There is a great variety to choose from now, including battery operated fairy lights.

Follow temperature guidelines

For electrical equipment to function properly, it needs to be kept at a low temperature. High temperatures can affect power supplies, and damage PCs, servers and other equipment. To prevent overheating which leads to malfunction, ensure the equipment receives proper cooling by keeping all air vents free. Don’t allow PCs to be positioned near boxes, piles of paperwork or other items which could stop the cooling process.

Hire a professional

It’s always good to have a skilled electrician on site just in case you encounter any problems. Electrical systems can be very dangerous if handled incorrectly by an untrained person, so having a handyman in London to call can be very reassuring.

PAT Testing

Under employment regulations, employers must keep the workforce safe by testing all electrical appliances. Hire a qualified electrical expert to come and test appliances, so you can prove you are being compliant.

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