Start of the Year Maintenance Checklist 2018

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Start of the Year Maintenance Checklist 2018

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2018 is well underway, and if you want to start the year efficiently then it’s time to start making lists and ticking them off. One of the most important lists to make, which should be a high priority, is a maintenance checklist. We’re all guilty of leaving those odd jobs around the building to another day – but what happens when a small, simple job has been left for too long and becomes a hazard?

The New Year is the ideal time to get back on track if you’ve been neglecting certain areas around the premises. Running a business is a demanding job and it’s understandable that some tasks don’t get completed on time. But when it comes to the safety of your business premises, maintenance jobs (however small and seemingly insignificant) should be taken care of immediately.

If you don’t have somebody on hand to take care of these tasks then why not consider a handyman? You can hire a handyman from us once a week or however long you need a professional to take care of your maintenance needs. It’s the most cost-effective way to ensure those odd jobs around the office get done, instead of being forgotten.

Here’s a general maintenance checklist for 2018 – but don’t wait all year to complete it! Get in touch if you need help staying on top of maintenance jobs.


Fix any dripping taps or other noticeable leaks as soon as possible. Not only do leaks waste water, ongoing leaking water can cause damp or moisture can seep into walls or floorboards leading to rot. Leaks can also cause a safety hazard in the building.


Even if you don’t have any noticeable electrical faults, as an employer it is your duty to ensure all electrical equipment is safe to use. To stay compliant, appliances need to be tested by a professional electrician once a year.


If you have an older heating system, it is essential to get it checked each year and bleed the radiators regularly. Air conditioning systems and boilers should be serviced annually by a qualified professional.


The physical condition of your business plays a huge part in the overall impression your company makes on staff and visitors. Peeling wallpaper and cracked tiles should not be left unattended. Hire a painter and decorator who will be able to complete the jobs you need doing to a professional standard.

Make sure your office or business premises always looks its best, with professional handyman services. Don’t let your maintenance list get pages long!

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