Keeping your business premises looking presentable isn’t an easy job. Regardless of whether you have a 10 floor office building or a small studio, maintaining the workspace is time consuming and business owners rarely have time for cleaning and tidying up. When summer comes around you also have to worry about the outdoor spaces – do you have gardens or a courtyard to maintain? Nothing gives the wrong first impression like a neglected commercial garden.

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Many small to medium sized businesses don’t know about the range of site support services that are available, or think they won’t be able to afford it. You don’t have to hire your own full time staff to look after your office, which can get costly – you can rent out site support staff as you need them from an office services company.

Maintaining a respectable looking office isn’t just important to impress clients and visitors, but also makes employees happier about working there. Here’s a range of support services to consider if you’re struggling to keep up with the housework and maintenance at your business premises.

Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is essential for all organisations, small or large. You Image of an office handymanneed to ensure all public spaces, from the washrooms to the workspaces, are safe, clean and as hygienic as possible. Whether you require daily cleaning, a weekly deep clean or specialist area cleaning (windows, flooring, upholstery) find a local cleaning service with good reviews from commercial customers.

Handyman and Maintenance Services

Sometimes we all could do with a handyman to get that long list of odd maintenance jobs done, but many of us believe the multi-skilled employee don’t exist. At Regional Services they do! We have handymen and women to hire, who are qualified in a range of tasks including painting and decorating, tiling, plumbing and furniture assembly. If you don’t have your own maintenance professional to look after your building, a handyman is the next best thing.

Garden Maintenance Services and Gardeners

Don’t just focus on your interior, as people often judge a building by the outside before entering it. You don’t always need a large lawn and open garden spaces to require a gardener. Even if you have an urban outdoor space, you can bring it to life with potted plants and modern furniture. Hire a specialist to look after your outdoor spaces and you’ll notice a huge difference.

If you’re looking for support services this summer you’ve come to the right place – browse our range of property management services here.

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