Little Known Facts about Office Cleaning

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Little Known Facts about Office Cleaning

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For many of us, the office is where we spend almost half of our waking lives – but few people give too much thought to the conditions of cleanliness in this important environment.

With so many people working and living in such a small place, offices can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and contagious disease, ultimately resulting in reduced productivity, more sick days and a lower profit margin.

Little Known Facts

Here are a handful of little-known facts about the cleanliness of offices (or lack thereof) and why hiring a capable, professional cleaning team is so important.

  1.  The average office worker comes into contact with approximately 10 million bacteria each day
  2. Air quality inside an office can be five times worse than outside
  3. Office desks can contain as much as 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat
  4. Due to their high volume of use, office telephones generally contain over 25,000 bacteria per square inch
  5.  A quarter of buttons on water cooler systems are considered to be a chief transmitter of illnesses
  6. Three-quarters of all bathroom tap handles are considered to be chief transmitters of various diseases
  7.  15% of males and 7% of females do not wash their hands after using the toilet (which may explain the above point)
  8.  98% of office workers will contract some form of contagious illness during their professional lives due to poor workplace sanitation
  9. Sick days in the office could be reduced by almost a third if desks were disinfected properly every day
  10. Almost one third of office workers claim that the sanitary conditions exacerbate their pre-existing allergies
  11.  Only one quarter of office workers believe their workplace is being cleaned to a satisfactory standard
  12. Workplace absences caused by poor cleanliness cost the UK in excess of £7.1 billion each year
  13. In 2015, European offices spent almost £20 billion on renting equipment, a substantial percentage of which is thought to be spent on cleaning equipment
  14.  The UK office cleaning sector accounts for 31% of the overall commercial cleaning industry
  15. Office cleaning in Britain generates around £5.6 billion every year
  16. There are more than 32,000 cleaning companies in the UK employing around 448,400 people
  17. The top 1% of cleaning companies (320) account for over 50% of all jobs
  18.  55% of office cleaning contracts are lost due to poor service
  19.  90% of American office cleaners employ mechanical equipment to help them in their jobs
  20. Cleaners can burn an average of 100 calories per hour of work

Now that you’re armed with this array of interesting facts, it should be clear that securing the services of a reliable and professional cleaning company is paramount to the happiness of your employees and the success of your business. At Regional Services, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services to keep your workplace free from germs and as spotless as the day you moved in. To learn more about the different packages we offer, give us a call on 020 7708 3814 or send us a message today. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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Regional Services

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