Productivity can often drop through the summertime – nobody likes working in hot sticky weather, and there are other distractions such as planning holidays and arranging childcare. When members of the team are on annual leave it can spark a wave of demotivation at a time when employees really need to up their game. When the temperature rises, managers need to be pro-active in keeping staff motivated and engaged at work.

Not sure how to keep the workforce happy and inspired? It may be time to review your reward policy or plan a summer teambuilding event. Here are some other ideas to ensure staff stay motivated this season.Image of Woking From Home

Flexible working

Is it really necessary for everybody to work in the office from 9am until 5pm? Give workers a little freedom and they will thank you in productivity. Why not host some meetings outside or at a local beer garden when the sun is shining? You may find that giving working parents some leeway with what time they need to be in the office can help drastically, as planning childcare for six weeks over the summer holidays can be challenging. Lastly, make sure the office is a welcoming place and keep the environment cool. Make sure you have a handyman on-site to help in case the electrics go down and you have no air conditioning or fans – that would be a recipe for disaster.

Set targets

Keep staff on track by setting personal targets to be achieved by the end of summer. Managers and leaders need to sit down with their teams to plan around staff holidays and set achievable goals for teams and individuals. If these targets need to be met by autumn, it will keep people motivated throughout the summer.

Summer eventsImage of a summer event

Give employees something to look forward to by hosting a range of summer events. From BBQs to outdoor team-building activities, these team events allow staff to have fun and let their hair down, which in turn can boost motivation and productivity. There is also an opportunity at these events to mention and reward certain team members who are doing a great job, because recognition is also a great way to motivate employees.

Getting through the summer can be difficult, but with a few carefully planned interventions you can make sure you reach autumn in a strong position.

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