How a Janitor Can Improve your Facilities

janitor to improve your facilites

How a Janitor Can Improve your Facilities

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When you’re in charge of the daily running of a successful business, balancing the books and increasing your profit margins often takes precedence over the cleanliness and upkeep of your workspace… and that’s how it should be. However, just because you have your hands full with spreadsheets and meetings, that doesn’t mean you should forego maintenance and hygiene in the workplace.

Enter the humble janitor. Variously known as a custodian and cleaner, the janitor is the unsung hero of the office, tirelessly working to keep things spick and span and running like a well-oiled machine. Not only can they bring order and tidiness to the working environment, they can also improve your facilities and add value to your business. Here’s how.

Professional standards, every time

While it might be tempting to keep your office cleaning in-house, it’s a simple fact that a fully qualified janitor will meet exemplary standards of cleanliness, every single time. In order to make sure any spillages, leakages or breakages are cleaned up and repaired immediately and without fuss, it makes practical sense to contract one to work as and when they are needed.

Enhanced brand

Every time a prospective customer or business partner enters your premises, they will be silently judging the appearance of your office space – often without even being aware of it. To make sure all-comers to your business go away with the right idea of your professionalism and competency, it’s imperative that your office is spotless and well-presented at all times. An on-demand janitor is vital to making that a reality.

Improved staff productivity

In 2008, a university study showed that there was a direct link between the cleanliness of a student’s environment and their academic achievement. The same logic applies in the workplace; if you have a janitor on hand to make sure your office space is neat and tidy, your employees’ minds will be similarly uncluttered and better prepared to complete their tasks. After all, a happy workforce is a productive one.

Reduced expenditures

At first glance, you might think that outsourcing janitorial duties to an agency would be an expensive proposition – but think again. If you do choose to employ a janitor or cleaner on the company payroll, you’ll not only have to look after their pension, National Insurance and paid holiday needs, you’ll need to fork out for recruitment and training. What’s more, you’ll also have to foot the bill for all cleaning products and washroom consumables. The bottom line is that a janitor will undoubtedly improve your facilities, but outsourcing the role will improve your bank balance, as well.

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