Is Coca Cola a Cleaning Product? Myth or Miracle?

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Is Coca Cola a Cleaning Product? Myth or Miracle?

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Is Coca Cola a Cleaning Product? Myth or Miracle?


In 1886 in a laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, a pharmacist by the name of Dr. John Pemberton accidentally discovered what would become one of the most popular beverages in the world. By mixing a syrupy solution with carbonation, Dr. Pemberton created what we now know as Coca Cola.

At the steep price of five cents each, the city of Atlanta sold about five or six glasses of Coke daily. Today, Coca Cola boasts over 300 products, which bring profits of over 41 billion dollars annually.

The bulk of those sales derive from the original Coca Cola. But, it seems to people use the beverage for more than just a refreshing drink.

Cleaning claims for Coca Cola:

Years ago, when you spilled a glass of Coke on your linoleum kitchen floor, you’d end up taking a layer of wax off when you cleaned it up. That’s because Coca Cola contains 2.8 parts of phosphoric acid. You will find the same amount of phosphoric acid in battery acid. This feature causes Coca Cola to double as a cleaning agent for several household chores such as the following:

  • Cleaning the rust stains out of the toilet bowl
  • Dissolving the soap scum and stains from sinks and tubs
  • Cleaning the bumper rust from your car
  • The rumour exists that Coca Cola delivery drivers use it to clean their car engines

While the acid in Coca Cola might dissolve dirt, grease, and grime due to its acid content, it also contains plenty of sugar. Sugar, of course, doesn’t represent the best cleaning agent and may attract insects and other vermin. Sugar may also eventually result in worse stains.

As a side note, the combination of its acidic and sugar levels do indeed make Coca Cola taste good, but should cause you to think twice about overconsumption. Those who habitually drink Coca Cola also suffer from low levels of magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin A.

However, a few projects exist where you might find the use of Coca Cola useful:

  • Dipping rusted coins in Coca Cola brightens them up.
  • If you have cast iron pots with black stains, Coca Cola represents a fast way to get rid of those.
  • In the winter, if you need a trick to defrost your windscreen quickly, that bottle of Coke may come in handy.
  • Give a photograph a vintage look by placing it Coca Cola for a few seconds.

And, by the way, if you happen to prefer Pepsi, that’s fine. Pepsi contains the same phosphoric acid levels. Pepsi contains more citric flavouring while Coca Cola leans toward caramel and vanilla. So, if your fridge contains Pepsi and you want to clean up your coin collection, go ahead and try it.

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