Do I Need to Worry About Pest Control in Winter?

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Do I Need to Worry About Pest Control in Winter?

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Winter is not often a time of year when people are concerned about pests – however the colder weather can entice them indoors. You may not even realise that you need pest control in winter. You’d have probably noticed at this time of year that it’s spider season, and these insects have already started to invade our homes and offices. Spiders are a natural form of pest control so although they may be frightening, try not to remove them! Spiders can seek out and kill other unwelcome insects which are hiding in your home or business premises. However, if they are causing problems – especially in work environments where spiders are a distraction – you can hire spider pest control.

Pest Control in Winter

Aside from eight-legged creatures, there are some other nasties to look out for during winter. Many of these pests are looking for places to hibernate or shelter during the colder months, and your city building can make a great home. Here are some common winter pests to look out for.


Mice and rats are looking for a warm and comfortable place with a food source to get them through the winter. This means they often enter businesses due to a lack of natural food sources, and any open food packets or crumbs can quickly attract them. Rodents can be a huge problem because they carry diseases and can multiply very quickly. If you spot one rat or mouse then the likelihood is there are plenty more where you can’t see them. Rats and mice have also been known to chew through furnishings, walls and wires which can also prove very dangerous, so if you see signs of a rodent infestation call the pest control team immediately.

Flies and Cockroaches

They are more prevalent in the summer months but actually both flies and cockroaches are common winter pests. The disgusting creepy crawlies tend to come inside for the warm conditions and can be difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches are typically found in areas where mass food is prepared, such as restaurants, hospitals and company canteens but your office may also be the perfect hiding place. Here are 14 ways to keep spiders out of your home.

Wasps, Hornets and Bees

You won’t spot many wasps or bees around anymore as the temperature falls, however they will be looking for places to hibernate for the winter. Queens don’t die, so they seek out a sheltered place to wait out the winter, ready to build a nest and a new colony come spring. Make sure there are no ideal nesting places in or around your building.

If you need any kind of winter pest control, get in touch with Regional Services for a full one-stop shop service.

Regional Services

Regional Services

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