How to Safely Pack and Relocate a Flat-Screen TV

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How to Safely Pack and Relocate a Flat-Screen TV

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Relocating your office is a uniquely challenging task, one that must be done with care and attention to detail. While some businesses hire a full-service moving company to pack everything up and transition to the new office, many smaller businesses handle things similarly to a household – with your team and a moving truck.

One of the most challenging items to safely pack and move are large flat-screen televisions – whether they were part of your conference room, lobby, collaboration, or conference room areas. While the original box and foam inserts are probably long gone, you can still safely transport a large flat-screen television in a moving truck if you know the right packing process.


Supplies to Pack a Flat Screen TV

  • Large roll of bubble wrap
  • Large Moving Blanket (or 2)
  • Tension Wrap Or 1-2 Deconstructed Large Boxes
  • Packing Tape


Ideal: Repack in Original Box

If you happen to still have your TV’s original box and foam inserts, this is the ideal way to move a TV. Lay your TV into the back-side foam inserts and – if appropriate – remove the feet. Then fit on the screen-side foam inserts. Altogether, slide your TV back into the original box and tape it shut. Stuff with packing paper or pad with towels if there is any empty space. Of course, you probably don’t have the original box, so you’ll need to know how to pack a flat screen using packing materials instead.


Step 1: Wrap the Screen in Bubble Wrap

Without foam inserts and the original box, the first step is bubble wrap. Start by protecting the screen with three or four layers or bubble wrap. You can fold it over the front and tape it down, or just wrap the entire TV several times with a roll of bubble wrap to protect the screen.


Step 2: Moving Blanket Tuck

Next, wrap your TV in a moving blanket. You can do this in one of two ways. Upright, you can drape the moving blanket over the top of your TV. If it fully covers the TV, use packing tape to secure it tightly by tucking and taping it around the bottom or wrapping the blanketed TV vertically in packing tape.

Alternately, you can lay the blanket out on the floor and set your TV in the centre, on it’s back. Then fold the blanket over the screen toward the front like wrapping a package and secure the edges with packing tape. If necessary, use two blankets with at least four inches of overlap in the centre and tape thoroughly.


Step 3: Tension Wrap or DIY TV Box

The last step is to give your TV a protective rigid exterior wrapping. One option is to use tension plastic wrap, creating a springy outer layer that will resist most bumps. Alternatively, you can deconstruct one or two large moving boxes. Fold the cardboard around your television and tape tightly to create a vertical moving box for the TV.


Step 4: Pack Vertically Between Upright Boxes

The last step is to load your flat-screen into the moving truck. The best location for your TV is packed upright between two other upright boxes or padded pieces of upright furniture. Boxes are better, because if they slide, your television is only impacted by lightweight things. A good example would be to slide your TV between a well-secured mattress on it’s edge and a pair of upright wardrobe boxes. This will protect the screen from mid-section impacts and keep it from tipping over.


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