How to Repair Your Home’s Garage Door

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How to Repair Your Home’s Garage Door

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Garage doors are something we all take for granted. Hit the button, and the garage opens or closes. It should be as simple as that. It becomes a part of your routine, the garage door’s function is usually so much more important than knowing how it works. Garage doors are especially important to protect your garage interior and keep you from getting out of your car in the snow drifts so common to our region. However, if you have an ideal driveway setup, except for a broken garage door, there is one driving concern. How can the garage door be repaired to bring your garage back into top-condition? Can your garage door be repaired?

Almost always, the answer is “yes,” but often with a few replacement parts. Today, we’re answering this question with a detailed list of ways a garage door can be repaired depending, of course, on the type of damage or malfunction has occurred.


Garage Door Panels Can Be Hammered Back Into Shape

There are many ways a garage door can be dented. The most common, of course, is accidentally backing into it with your car. One direction or another. Dented garage doors are more common than you might think, but are also sometimes easily fixed with a few quick strikes of a mallet. A garage door that has been backed into may have a dent that can be hammered back into shape. In some cases, it will be good as new, or there may be a small amount of buckling evident until you’re ready to replace the panel. You may not need to fully replace a dented garage door panel if the damage can be reversed with reshaping.


New Door Panels Can Be Installed to Replace Dented Panels

Of course, sometimes a dented or damaged panel is too far gone for a quick fix. In this case, you’re in good shape if only one or two panels are damaged.  Garage doors are usually constructed of several panels that fold as the door opens. Because of this, if a panel is seriously dented or torn from backing into, you can often replace just the damaged panels without replacing the entire garage door. Simply remove the one or two damaged garage door panels and install new ones. Apply matching paint and your garage door is good as new.


Bent or Damaged Tracks Can be Reshaped or Replaced

If the tracks have bent due to an impact with the door, they can often be bent back into shape and secured with bolts to prevent further warping. Garage door tracks are the metal posts that extend from the floor all the way to the garage door opener in the centre of the ceiling. These tracks guide the two sides of your garage door upward, holding small wheels connected to posts in the side.

Tracks need to be straight, but they are also easy to bend or damage. Bent tracks can be bent back into shape. Tracks that are too badly twisted, damaged, or rusted can be replaced carefully one at a time or by taking down the garage door temporarily.


Garage Door Optical Sensors Can be Realigned or Repaired

Your garage door optical sensors are the most delicate feature, but necessary to safety. The optical sensor shoots and receives a laser beam at either side of your garage door, a few inches off the ground. This sensor ensures that the garage door never closes on a person, pet, or item that obscures the beam. If the sensors have been broken or are malfunctioning, it is possible to realign bumped sensors, repair slightly damaged sensors, or fully replace your garage door optical sensors.


Garage Door Motor Sensors Can be Recalibrated or Repaired

Your garage door motor sensor is the same way. The motor sensor detects if there is any resistance against the garage door. This is why if you push up on the bottom of the garage door while it is closing, the door is likely to bounce up and start opening again. It is another safety measure to ensure that the motor never closes the heavy garage door on a person, pet, or item. If the motor sensor seems to have stopped working, you can replace the motor safety sensor or repair a minor electrical malfunction.


Tension Springs and Wires Can Be (Carefully) Replaced

Many garage designs use a combination of a high-tension spring and high-tension wires to hoist the heavy garage door. These components are perfectly safe in most cases, but they can be dangerous if a wire disconnects or the high-tension spring is released.If your tension wire has snapped or the spring has worn out, these can be replaced, but only by a professional team taking the utmost safety precautions to prevent high-tension-related injuries.


Garage Door Motors Can Be Repaired or Replaced as Needed

The motor that actuates your garage door open and closed will eventually wear out. You may notice that the garage door moves more slowly, haltingly, or makes more noise than usual when it is opening. A failing motor may make noise while the garage door does not move at all. Fortunately, this is only one part to replace. This motor can be repaired or replaced without taking down the garage door.


Garage Door Remotes and Signal Receivers Can Be Upgraded or Replaced

If your garage door has stopped responding to remote signals, this is likely a problem with the signal receiver which can be repaired or replaced. Garage door openers are essential to the use and convenience of having a garage door. This is also a good time to consider upgrades in your garage door remote technology to include keypads or smart-home capabilities.

Whether you are repairing a broken garage door opener or updating to even better garage performance, your garage door can absolutely be repaired. However, except for minor fixes like realigning the optical sensor and sometimes hammering out a panel, it’s best to leave garage door repairs to the experts who can safely manage heavy suspended door rigs and high-tension components with the right training, equipment, and team for the job.

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