How to Prepare Your Office for Summer

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How to Prepare Your Office for Summer

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How to Prepare Your Office for Summer


Summer is upon us, and you want to be sure that your office is prepared for those hot months. Whether you have more people out of the office than usual on holiday or you simply want to check on all of the important details, make sure you’re ready for summer by taking on these key tasks.

1. Bring in Some Plants

With that gorgeous summer weather right outside the office window, it can be difficult for employees to convince themselves to give their work days their all. While bringing in plants won’t make it easier to be stuck at work when it seems as though everyone around them is taking a much-needed holiday, a little plant life can brighten up the office and help employees feel happier and more peaceful in their environment.

2. Schedule Needed Maintenance

Is it time to conduct maintenance on your air conditioning unit? Many people forget about this vital task until the unit stops working–and that can leave you struggling to function in an office that has quickly grown uncomfortably hot. Put AC maintenance on the schedule for summer, when fewer people are in the office or it’s easier to arrange for a day off.

3. Clear Out Some Clutter

Have promotional items taken over your desk? Has the office filled with items that you don’t really need, from piled up dishes from home that never made it back with you to stacks of books or paperwork that are no longer really necessary? With things slowing down throughout the office for the summer, now is the perfect time to clear out some of that clutter and make sure that your desk is free of anything that could distract your attention–or make it more difficult for you to complete simple daily tasks. Set aside a day for the entire office to take care of clutter or remind each member of the team to take care of those responsibilities on their own, perhaps before leaving for holiday.

4. Invest in Your Cleaning

Have you noticed the office starting to look dingy? Is dust starting to gather in the corners? Are you struggling to keep up with basic cleaning tasks throughout the office? It might be time to bring in professional cleaning services. A professional cleaner can help keep your office looking its best, which will create a better impression for your clients. Not only that, professional cleaning services will free up your time to take care of other tasks–which can be particularly vital when you’re short-staffed due to holidays.

5. Clean Out the Fridge

Do you have a shared office fridge? The changing season is an excellent excuse to make sure that nothing has been forgotten in the back reaches of the fridge. Set a date and encourage every member of the team to have their items out of the fridge on that date. Then, go through and clean out everything. Remove any items that seem to have taken up permanent residence in the refrigerator. Throw away condiments that are well past their use dates.

6. Keep an Eye on the Floors

During the summer months, keeping the floors neat and tidy can be more of a challenge–especially on rainy days, when people are more likely to track in mud and muck. Keep a particular eye on the floors during these months, and make cleaning them a regular part of the schedule.

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