How to Keep Yourself Motivated When Decluttering

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated When Decluttering

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You may find yourself needing to remove clutter from your home. This becomes necessary as your home fills with belongings or other items. However, removing clutter can become a time-consuming and difficult process, making it hard for people to motivate themselves. If you struggle with motivation, you can use these ideas to help yourself remove clutter throughout your house.

Start Immediately

If you plan to remove clutter, you should start as soon as you can. The longer you put it off, the more clutter will build up in your home, making it more difficult to start. Make the decision to start now, even if starting means removing one or two items from your home. You can even create a plan to help you determine the best course of action, when you will act on it it, and how you should address the clutter throughout your house.

Focus on One Room

As you start the process, you may lose motivation when you see how much clutter you need to remove from your home. Since this mindset can cause you to fall behind and lose motivation, you should focus on one room at a time. Taking this approach allows you to break up the process into multiple parts, making it easier to address the situation. This way, you can focus on a single room, clear it of clutter, and move onto the next.

On top of that, you may gain motivation as you complete each room.

Work Every Day

Make sure you remove clutter every day until you finish. By working on something each day, you continue to motivate and encourage yourself to go through it all. If you allow yourself to skip a day, you now have an excuse to skip future days. Even if you clean a bit of the clutter, that would be better than skipping a day. Make sure you work on at least a small part of it to avoid losing motivation.

On top of that, working on a small part can lead to more motivation and work once you get started.

Review Your Progress

Finishing work can be difficult if you don’t see the progress. When you become focused on removing the clutter, you may forget about the progress you made so far. If you start to lose motivation, think back to what you already did. This way, you can remind yourself of your overall progress, further encouraging you to continue with that pace. On top of that, you won’t want to feel like you wasted the progress you already made, so that can further motivate you.

Review your progress at times when you think it will help you increase your motivation.

Think About the End Result

Since removing clutter can be difficult, you may lose sight of the purpose. When you forget why you want to remove clutter, you can end up losing your motivation, causing you to slow down or stop. When this happens, remember why you decided to remove the clutter in the first place. As you think about that reason, you can focus on the end result to help you reach it. This way, you can bring back the motivation you lost during that time.


It can be difficult to motivate yourself when it comes to removing clutter. After all, it seems like a major task that will take up tons of time, so you may want to focus on other things. However, clearing that clutter from your home will help you make a more open, clean, and inviting house. Make sure you try out these tips if you struggle with motivation, so you can make your home look nicer.

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