How to Create COVID-19 Sanitisation Stations for Customers and Visitors

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How to Create COVID-19 Sanitisation Stations for Customers and Visitors

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It seems viral safety in the business world is here to stay.  With COVID and its variants still rolling through the populations, we could all stay locked down but – as they say – the show must go on. Businesses today are innovating new ways to both bring employees back to the office and once again welcome guests and customers to their venues. One of the biggest challenges has been finding a strategic place for cleanliness and sanitisation supplies.

In order to keep a venue at viral minimums, the best methods are to wipe down high-use surfaces and sanitise hands before and after the use of shared spaces. From hotel business centres to eyeglass shops, how can we build effective, accessible, yet conveniently out-of-the-way sanitisation stations? How can we ensure that guests make use of them, and make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible?

Let’s dive into this challenge with our usual enthusiasm for innovation.


Designing Your Sanitisation Station

  • Accessible and Easy to Use
  • Obvious and Hard to Miss
  • Tidy and Out of the Way

These are the three qualities of a good sanitisation station design. It may seem like they conflict, for example being out of the way yet hard to miss, but with the right station design, any venue can integrate quick alcohol wipe-downs and hand sanitising into their client and visitor routine and even make it a pleasant part of the visiting experience.


What to Include in a Sanitisation Station

First, let’s talk about what belongs in your sanitisation station. This is your chance to build a beautiful little kiosk design that your customers will learn to recognise and appreciate as a courtesy feature to your venue design. Most venues will place their sanitisations station by the door, but you may have additional stations around the venue or near high-use shared areas like a business centre.

  • Disposable Mask Dispenser
    • Dispense disposable masks like diners dispense napkins. You never know when someone is in need. Having a supply of clean paper masks in a protected dispenser is a wonderful and inexpensive way to help your visitors keep themselves and the venue safe.
  • Bleach Wipes Dispenser & Trash Trap-Door
    • Make it easy for your guests and staff to quickly wipe and sanitise a space, surface, handle, or keyboard. Use dispensing bleach wipes and a small trap-door trashcan at each station.
  • Holstered Spray Bottle of Alcohol Solution
    • When an area needs to be lightly misted with alcohol, holster a bottle in the floating design.
  • Hand-Sensor Pump of Alcohol Gel
    • Help guests keep their hands clean with an alcohol gel dispenser. Motion-sensors are even better than hand pumps for COVID cleanliness.
  • Hand-Sensor Pump of Moisturising Lotion
    • Hand sanitising causes dry hands, and sanitising constantly can become painful. Give your guests something nice as a follow-up with a little lightweight hand lotion in a second pump. Some brands even combine the two.


Methods For Keeping Your Stations Tidy and Accessible

What are a few tricks you can use to streamline the use and tidiness of your station? Many first attempts were found with overflowing trashcans, drained hand-pump sanitisers, and a general untidy mess. Fortunately, business has long since honed the art of dispensing without creating even the chance for a mess.

  • Mounted Dispensers Streamline Space Use
    • Use mounted dispensers instead of hand pumps. Mounted dispensers also take up less space, whether they are mounted to the wall or the back of your custom station shell.
  • Motion Sensing for Contact-Free Design
    • Motion sensors are a great way to control mess and always deliver the right amount of sanitiser. The machine determines the right amount of sanitiser and lotion dispensed so no one’s anxious handfuls of alcohol gel will make a mess or drain the supply.
  • Wipe Receptacle On-Site
    • Place the hole for the wipes trashcan right below the wipes dispenser. Anyone within a few steps of the station and what they need to clean is more likely to return instead of leaving the wipe in a crumple.
  • Refill Sensors for Management
    • Lastly, sneak in refill sensors to let the team know when a supply is running low so no station is ever out of stock.


Placing COVID Cleanliness Stations for Traffic and Efficiency

Lastly, how can you keep your sanitisation stations out of the way? Small venues should place the station just to the side of the door, but out of the major path. Larger venues that may need regularly spaced sanitisation stations can use them as end-caps or place them between workspaces for everyone’s convenience.

  • Just to the Left of the Door
    • Make it easy and natural to grab a little hand sanitiser and maybe a mask on the way in.
  • Between Workspaces
    • Space between workspaces so that visitors are separated by masks and sanitiser.
  • End-Capping Rows
    • End rows of shared space with an end-cap of sanitisation stations for nearby cleaning supplies.
  • Mounted to the Wall
    • Mount your stations on the wall to reduce the space they require.


Keeping your venue clean and virally safe is a new and challenging responsibility for business owners, but one we are prepared to tackle. With the latest in cleanliness kiosk technology, any brand can design a trendy, tidy, and convenient sanitisation station for guests and visitors.

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