How to create a 2022 cleaning rota for shared accommodation: Making sure your living space remains healthy and pleasant

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How to create a 2022 cleaning rota for shared accommodation: Making sure your living space remains healthy and pleasant

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Whether you cohabitate as roommates, friends, or a romantic couple, living together comes with perks. Most likely, you will save money, gain companionship and obtain a level of security. But, a shared household also comes with shared responsibilities. 

One of the shared responsibilities involves keeping the place clean and tidy. Even if your situation calls for separate trips to the market, you will undoubtedly share a living space, kitchen, and possibly a washroom.


Allocating cleaning duties:

Especially when it comes to married or domestic partners, gender inequality remains alive and well when it comes to cleaning and household chores. Globally, men continue to make progress in traditionally defined tasks from housework to childcare. Still, British women do 60% of the housework regardless of their careers and responsibilities outside the home. 

Same-sex couples don’t necessarily split the chores 50/50 either. The partner who possesses the more traditional feminine interests such as romantic flicks and shopping will most likely get stuck with more of the housework. 

No matter the genders of the people in your household, consider the following:

  • The number of hours each person works outside the home that contributes to the finances of the household
  • Who takes on the most in childcare responsibilities
  • Who does the most in the way of food shopping and other errands
  • Consider if one household member takes care of the garden and outdoor duties 


Get organized:

No doubt, you’ve seen the sensational programs about hoarders and compulsive cleaners. But, if we put those extremes aside, we find that many more people struggle with organization. The problem of trying to get and stay organized fuels the organization craze is sweeping the internet. Sites such as Apartment Therapy and the Unclutterer continue to grow in popularity. One of the reasons HGTV continues to attract viewers deals with the attention spent on organization and transformation.

Statistically, people who live in clean homes experience more happiness and tranquility. Clutter and chaos cause anxiety and depression. An unorganized home makes it much more challenging to keep a clean house. So, to get a handle on maintaining a clean home, start with the following:

  • Discard or donate things you don’t use or don’t need.
  • If your schedule doesn’t allow you days or hours to get organized, designate smaller increments of time to go through your possessions.
  • Focus on how much time you’ll save once organized. 


Making a housework rota & schedule:

Creating a household cleaning schedule will make it easier to allocate chores and ensure things don’t get forgotten or out of hand. While some tasks need daily attention, others fall into the deep or spring cleaning category:

  • Daily cleaning includes keeping the loo clean, washing the dishes, and cleaning kitchen surfaces. If a cat makes up part of your household, you’ll also want to keep the litter box clean.
  • Weekly household chores may include dusting, vacuuming, and thorough cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen.
  • A quarterly or semi-annual cleaning may involve carpet and upholstery cleaning and cleaning cupboards, fridges, and ovens. You may also want to go through closets a couple of times a year and donate or sell unwanted items.

When planning your cleaning schedule, you will also want to determine what type of cleaning products to purchase, considering the allergy sensitivities and the budget of all people in your household. 


Enjoy your clean home:

Much of the reason a clean and organized home makes for a healthier and happier occupant comes from the fact that our homes reflect our very being. 

Don’t think of cleaning and organizing your home as drudgery. Celebrate your space by decorating and embellishing with touches such as flowers and relaxing scents. An organized home also represents a more pleasant place for your family and guests.


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