How to Clean Rings: Step by Step Guide

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How to Clean Rings: Step by Step Guide

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Most ring owners tend to underestimate the importance of cleaning them. It may not occur to many that rings require frequent polishing because they are part of their everyday look and are barely taken off the finger. Others consider washing the ring after it has started losing its sparkle, which may be too late.  A wedding, engagement, or accessorising ring that has been neglected for too long is vulnerable to irreversible damage.


How do Rings Accumulate Dirt?

Since rings are worn on the fingers, it means that anything that comes into contact with your ring-bearing hand also gets to the ring. This is from makeup, lotion, and oil residues to particles due to chores like gardening and baking. Shaking hands can also transfer bacteria to the ring. Showering or engaging in other water activities that involve moisture is also detrimental to your ring. You now understand how easily rings can harbour dirt and bacteria, even in the most seemingly innocent situations.


Importance of Cleaning Rings

Routine sanitization of rings has its benefits, and some have to do with your well-being. Prolonged bacteria build-up in rings poses health risks like food poisoning. This can happen when eating foods such as sandwiches using your fingers. Likewise, when pathogens accumulate in rings, they can cause skin irritability and allergic reactions.

Another reason for washing rings is to preserve their original glitter. Everyone wants their ring to sparkle everyday, just like when they purchased it. Habitual ring cleaning can save you money by sustaining your ring’s quality. It can also shield you from health-associated effects that arise from germ-infested rings.


How To Clean Rings

Below are different ways to do away with ring dirt and microbes;

  1. Using Detergent/Shampoo/Dishwashing Soap and Water: immerse the ring in a mixture of soap or detergent plus slightly warm water and let it settle for 15-30 minutes. Doing so loosens the accumulated grime, making it easy to wash off. Go for soda water when dealing with stubborn stains, then use a tender toothbrush to polish the ring. Rinse under running water and then dry it using a soft cloth.
  2. Using Ammonia and Slightly Warm water: ammonia works well for an overwhelmingly dirty ring. Make a solution of the ratio of 1:6 for ammonia and water. Pour the ammonia first and then steadily add in temperate water. Immerse the ring for a record one minute and retrieve it from the solution. Submerging the ring in the ammonia solution for too long can discolour it, and that’s why it is not recommended for frequent use. Dip your tender brush in the solution. Brush the ring and cleanse it beneath flowing water until all the ammonia residues are washed off. Use a microfiber cloth to pat the ring dry.
  3. Using Beer: this cleaning solution applies to rings that have lost their sparkle. Pour a small beer solution on your ring and proceed to rub it gently. Complete the cleaning by drying it using a soft fabric.
  4. Using White Vinegar: to avoid wastage, place your ring inside a cleaning bowl before pouring in vinegar. Ensure the ring is completely covered in the solution so all grime and dirt build-up is soaked in. Submerge the ring for 15 minutes before removing it and brushing it with a non-abrasive toothbrush. Pass the bristles in all the ring’s crevices to get rid of all dirt. Rinse all the vinegar off the ring under lukewarm running water and pat it dry using a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Using Toothpaste: apply some non-abrasive toothpaste on a soft cloth and give your tarnished ring a gentle rub. Continuous rubbing will make the sparkle visible. Rinse under running water and use a soft fabric to dry the ring.


How to Ensure Rings Stay Clean in Future

You can prevent your ring collection from depleting its lustre by keeping moisture at bay. Remove your rings prior to having a bath because they are sensitive to moisture. Where you store your rings also matters. Avoid subjecting them to direct sunlight or any form of heat that may cause damage.

The storage should be dry and enclosed to prevent dust penetration. Additionally, consider pulling out your ring when doing chores that involve sticky debris, such as dish cleaning. If you are constantly wearing your ring, adapt a bi-weekly or monthly wiping and cleaning routine.

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