How to Clean Mould from Your Air Ducts: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Clean Mould from Your Air Ducts: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Mould is an insidious home invader. Both quieter and more dangerous than most insect life, mould spores will drift in through any door, window, or air intake valve. But once mould spores find a damp porous surface to alight upon, a colony could instantly start to grow. This is a particular risk in homes with high humidity and dusty air ducts. If your air ducts smell like mould, there is probably mod in there. If your family has suffered from myriad headaches, lethargy, or allergy symptoms, then the mould concentration has already reached human-dangerous levels.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Your ducts are actually among the easiest places to remove mould from because, unlike drywall, the metal casing does not inherently hold onto mould. Let’s dive into how a professional team can get rid of mould from your air ducts.


1) Access the Ductwork

First, a duct cleaning team will access your ductwork. The technician will usually choose a centrally located vent where they can set up the equipment and operations needed to get your ducts cleaned. They will remove the vent and perform a preliminary inspection to confirm that the problem is, in fact, mould in your ducts.


2) Vacuum Out Most of the Dust

The next step is to use a powerful custom vacuum rig to suck most of the built-up and mould-infected dust from your ductwork. This is done by creating a seal around one central vent and using a powerful suction force to pull the mostly-loose material that has built up on the inside of your ducts. Most of this will be fluffy dust, pollen, and other tiny lightweight particles that caught in the ducts on their way out. However, this removal should also contain the vast majority of any existing mould colonies growing in your ducts.

Your technician may have bags, canisters, or an entire vacuum truck to neatly contain the removed material.


3) Saturate the Ducts in Mould Cleaning Solution

Once most of the dust and mould colonies are removed, there will still be a significantly high rise of mould recurring in your ducts from remaining spores and mould growths still in there. The next step is to saturate your entire ductwork system with an anti-fungal or mould cleaning solution.

Since you cannot practically crawl into your ducts with a spray bottle, the professional solution is a fogger machine. Your technicians will close your air vents throughout the house and push a mould cleaning solution through the ducts as a fog with the help of a special fog machine. The solution is turned into a mist that spreads through your ducts, saturates any remaining particles, and will kill all remaining mould.


4) Scrub and Clean the Ducts

The last step is to use another strong vacuum blast, and possibly some applied scrubbing, to make sure your ducts are pristine, beautiful, and safe for the family once more. This final scrub is designed to remove the last of the dust, mould, spores, and the cleaner itself. This way, you can rest assured that only clean air will come through your ducts without contaminants added along the way.


5) Install New Air Filters

Now that you’ve removed the mould from your ducts, take care to inspect the rest of your HVAC system to clear any remaining mould and ensure no new mould starts to grow. To do this, start by changing your air filter. Increase your MERV rating to 11 or higher to help clear the last of the mould spores from your home in the natural cycle of air.


6) Check the House for More Mould

Finally, inspect the HVAC and have the rest of your home checked for mould colonies. Regions with high humidity and homes where there has been a leak or flood are at the greatest risk. Once you are sure your home is mould-free, you can breathe easy with clean ducts and clean air.


Keep Your Facility Mould-Free with Regional Services

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