How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Countertops: Step by Step Guide

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How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Countertops: Step by Step Guide

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Stone countertops are a beautiful addition to any home or office. They’re a luxury you find spanning from premade modular construction to hand-carved unique architecture. However, most people who have stone countertops right now simply found them as part of the right space. Maybe your kitchen had granite installed when you moved in, or your office has a marble-top theme that is built into the suite.

What is the right way to keep natural stone countertops clean? How do you take over countertop maintenance while you are in charge of the space? This is your step-by-step guide to cleaning and maintaining the stone countertops, tabletops, and features in your home or office.


1. Daily Cleaning with Mild Detergent

To keep both unsealed and sealed natural stone clean, a mild mix of warm water and dish detergent is all you need. Use a wash rag or a soft sponge soaked in mild soapy water to wipe away any spills or crumbs. Polish with a hand towel for a perfect finish.


2. Do Not Clean with Acids or Glass Cleaner

You can use spray cleaners on naturals tone, but do not use glass cleaner (ex: Windex) or acids (ex: Vinegar) on natural stone. Stone sealant is typically damaged by acids and acids can etch unsealed stone – so it’s a no-go whether or not you have a sealant layer.


3. Use Only Mild Scrubbing Agents

To keep your stone and sealant layer pristine, avoid scrubbing agents that could etch the surface. When you need to scrub, use only mild scrubbing options. Barkeeper’s Friend, for example, is a good choice while Comet bleach powder is a bad idea for natural stone.


4. Remove Stains with Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

For stains, apply a concentrated stain removal paste made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This will break down most staining substances and serve as a gentle scrubbing solution to fully remove any particulates.


5. Reseal to Repair

If there is any apparent damage to your countertops like a stain, a scratch, or an etch – try having the countertop resealed before accepting the damage. Often, surface-level damage on a natural stone counter is only sealant-deep. The sealant may stain or etch, but the stone remains pristine. Having the sealant stripped and reapplied every few years can keep your stone perfect for decades. This also means you can repair a lot of apparent damage with a new area of sealant.


Stone Countertop Maintenance Tips

1.    Re-Seal Every 2-5 Years

    • Stone sealant must be applied every few years to provide ample protection.
    • This is a big improvement on the old once-yearly schedule.

2.    Provide Hotpads and Trivets to Avoid Heat Damage

    • Heat can damage Quartz and discolour some sealant. Use trivets and hotpads to protect the countertop from hot pans.
    • In a shared break room kitchen, you can place mats along the counter nearest the stove and microwave.

3.    Provide Cutting Boards to Prevent Scratches

    • Avoid scratches or nicks in the seal with cutting boards.

4.    Provide Steps and Chairs to Avoid Weight Damage

    • Countertops can crack if sat or climbed upon. Provide chairs and nearby steps to avoid this.

5.    Limit Exposure to Acids and Acidic Foods

    • Do not allow acids like vinegar, lemon juice, or certain cleaners to sit on the counter.
    • Wipe up acids immediately and rise the area.



You can enjoy the beauty and longevity of natural stone countertops without much effort to keep them in great shape. With the right approach to cleaning and maintenance, stone countertops can become a cornerstone of your home or office decor. For more step-by-step cleaning guides or professional cleaning services, contact us today.

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