How to Clean Acoustic Panels & Noise Reduction Decor: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Clean Acoustic Panels & Noise Reduction Decor: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Knowing how to clean every type of surface is an important part of modern building maintenance. You know how to banish dust, make surfaces shine, and sanitise from top to bottom – but the one very prominent element of office design that doesn’t come with cleaning instructions is noise reduction decor. Textured acoustic panels and the padded part of cube walls are typically skipped in an office cleaning – but just like the carpet or soft furniture, they, too, absorb dust, pollen, spills, stains, and smells over time.

As noise reduction design overtakes the modern office – with everything from fuzzy booths to sweeping textured sculpture hanging from vaulted ceilings, it will all need cleaning sooner rather than later. So it’s time to talk about the right way to clean acoustic panels and noise-reduction decor.


Noise Reduction Office Features

  • Acoustic Panels
  • Carpeted and Soft Walls
  • Fabric Dividers, Booths, and Screens
  • Textured Light Fixtures and Hanging Art
  • Sound-Absorption Sculptures


Dust and Sanitise Delicate Foam

There are two kinds of noise reduction in most offices: foam and fabric. Foam noise absorption can be sturdy or surprisingly fragile, so it’s best to treat these more like artwork of indeterminate material. Dust them regularly, spray lightly with sanitising solution (colour test first, if you’re concerned about your cleaning solutions and the material), and vacuum with a soft, longer-bristled hose attachment brush.


Acoustic Panels are, Essentially, Wall Upholstery

As for the vast majority of noise reduction design in the office, this varies in texture and durability on a scale that ranges from dense felt to upholstered furniture to berber carpet. Most acoustic panels are more like wall upholstery. This makes the whole matter much more approachable if you look at each textured cube wall and light cover as just another upholstery fabric or carpet to colour-test and maintain.

You can – with a little testing – clean noise-reduction materials normally based on where they lie on the scale of felt to carpet.


Vacuum with the Brush or Upholstery Hose Attachment

All noise reduction decor can be vacuumed using a brush hose attachment, and many will benefit from the short, lightly padded upholstery attachment instead. Pulling dust out of the fibers is an important way to keep soft decor clean, as we have already learned with drapes and soft furniture.


Treat with Furniture Cleaner and Stain Remover

If there is a spill or mark, you can treat most noise reduction decor with normal fabric stain remover followed by furniture or carpet cleaning methods. Use a furniture or laundry spot stick on markers or coffee splashes to help the stain come out. Upholstery-safe soap is typically sufficient in order to remove a sticky or oily texture acquired by your acoustic panels or to help wash out a stain.


Sanitise with a Fine Spray

After colour-testing for your chosen sanitiser solution, the best way to kill any lingering micro-organisms that may have clung to your office’s textured decor is with a fine spray. Set your sanitiser spray bottle to a wide, fine spray in order to distribute the sanitiser over thousands of little noise-reducing fibers. Let the sanitiser sit and dry on acoustic panels, as you would with furniture or carpet.


Steam Cleaning Acoustic Panels and Noise Reduction Decor

You can also use the tricks of carpet and upholstery cleaning to overcome a bad stain, residue, or discolouration on your office acoustic panels. A steam cleaner with a wand can allow you to inject misted cleaning solution into the fibers and then pull them along with a lot of built-up grime back out.

If your panels can be steam-cleaned (always test), then annual steam-cleaning of all the soft panels and surfaces in your office can keep the place looking and smelling great for years longer than typical office design.


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