How to Clean a TV Screen, Laptop Screen, and Tablet Screen – Step by Step Guide

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How to Clean a TV Screen, Laptop Screen, and Tablet Screen – Step by Step Guide

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Screens have become an essential part of our lives. In the business and personal realms. there are screens everywhere. Whether you are cleaning the office or cleaning your house, you’ll eventually need to wipe down a screen and do so safely. Fortunately, screens are not hard to clean with the right supplies and a gentle hand.


Screen Cleaning Supplies

  • Microfibre Cloths
  • Paper Towels
  • Mild Glass Cleaner

Start by gathering your supplies. To clean a screen of any size, you’ll want microfibre cleaning cloths and/or paper towels plus a mild glass cleaner like Windex. Make sure your glass cleaner is electronics-approved.


How to Clean a TV Screen

TVs have gotten pretty big lately, but whether you’re cleaning a mini-tv or a giant flat screen, you need a gentle hand. TV screens can be damaged by hard pressing and impact, so you’ll want to apply an even pressure.

Dust the Screen

To dust a TV screen, take your microfibre cloth and gently pull the fibres over the surface of your screen. Move the cloth in even, straight-line strokes like you’re drawing corn rows from the top to the bottom of the screen. Once the cloth has wiped the whole screen going in one direction, the dust should be gone. On a bigger screen, fold your cloth halfway through for a fresh section if the dust builds up.

Cleaning off Crud

What if there are spills or mysterious crust on your screen surface? You can safely clean a TV screen with a little glass cleaner and gentle, even pressure. Apply the glass cleaner to the cloth and damp it well, then apply gentle, even circles firmly to the TV. Some cleaners are gentle enough that you can spray directly on the crud and let it dissolve a little before wiping up.


How to Clean a Monitor or Laptop Screen

Cleaning your computer monitors or a delicate laptop screen can be tricky. Learning how will help you keep your workstations clean and your computers dust-free.

Dust the Screen

To dust a laptop screen or computer monitor, start with your microfibre cloth. Place your hand on the top of the monitor and wipe the screen in rows from top to bottom, sweeping the dust with the cloth as you go.

Cleaning off Crud

To clean a spill or crust off a monitor or laptop screen, you’ll want to support the back. Spray cleaner to damp your cloth or paper towel, then hold the back of your monitor or laptop screen gently and apply even pressure as you clean. Move your cloth in small circles to scrub and never apply enough pressure to dent the screen surface.


How to Clean a Tablet Screen

Cleaning a tablet is actually the easiest of all, if you know the trick. Tablets are sturdy and their screens are designed to be touched, poked, and ride around in bags. This makes them more durable than your TV or laptop screen. The trick is to turn off your tablet before you try to clean it.

Dust the Screen

To dust a tablet, switch the screen off and give it a good wipe-down with your micro-fibre cloth. Then turn the screen back on and check it on a flat angle to spot any remaining dust.

Cleaning Off Crud

To clean crud off your tablet screen, switch the screen or the tablet fully off. Make sure the tablet will not respond when you clean it. Then spray your cloth with glass cleaner to damp it and feel free to scrub your tablet as needed. The only thing to be careful of is not to saturate the buttons with cleaner, If you need to clean the buttons, use a lightly damp cotton swap around the button casing.


Keeping your screens clean is essential for modern students and professionals of any age. With these simple techniques, you can keep your workspace and personal devices spotless with a few swipes of the microfibre each day.

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