Hot Weather and Pests: A Match Made in Heaven

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Hot Weather and Pests: A Match Made in Heaven

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It’s no secret that pests such as cockroaches, wasps, ants and many more have a love for warm weather. During the summer, pest infestations are more common and there’s often nothing you can do to prevent them from entering your office. Unfortunately hot weather and pests are a match made in heaven, which means summer brings sunshine, flowers and creepy crawlies.

As the temperatures in London heat up, businesses need to remain vigilant and look out for the warning signs of summer pests. As soon as you think you have an infestation or a pest problem, don’t delay in calling the professionals for help. Pest control is essential for hygiene, staff health and the reputation of your company, so contact pest control services as soon as you recognise a problem.

Most common summer pests

image of housefly on green backgroundFlies

Bluebottles and fruit flies are annoying and aren’t usually seen as a serious pest – but they pose health risks because of the many diseases they carry. If you prepare or serve food then you will need to install professional fly control or killer units. Other fly prevention methods are available from pest control specialists.


Cockroaches like to live in warm places – wall cavities, kitchens and damp bathrooms. You often find them in tropical climates but it’s also commonplace to see cockroaches in urban environments here in the UK. They carry diseases including dysentery and salmonella, so if you see cockroaches in your office or premises you should take action immediately. As extremely tough insects, professional treatment is necessary.


If these pests keep entering your property then you may have a nest nearby. Wasps are most active in the summer months but tend to build their nests earlier. Wasps can be confused with honey bees and it’s important to treat them differently as bees are endangered and not classed as pests. If you suspect honey bees, you should contact a swarm collector who can remove the bees without harming them. Wasps often build nests in sheltered garden spaces, attics or wall cavities and should be treated professionally to remove the threat of stings.

image of red ant Ants

Though tiny, ants can cause havoc in their great numbers! They usually travel in huge trails in search of food and generally causing a nuisance in properties. You can try and get rid of a small infestation by finding their entry point and blocking it off, and cleaning up crumbs and sticky surfaces. If you still have a problem it’s time to call pest control.

If you find the warmer weather is attracting pests in the workplace, trust your local pest control service to treat the bugs.

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Regional Services

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